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3/17/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 03/17/2022 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

2. Exclusive: Secret CIA training program in Ukraine helped Kyiv prepare for Russian invasion
3. Remarks by President Biden on the Assistance the United States is Providing to Ukraine
4. Fact Sheet on U.S. Security Assistance for Ukraine
5. Zelenskyy tells US Congress, ‘We need you right now’
6. Outmatched in military might, Ukraine has excelled in the information war
7. Opinion | Why the West must boost military assistance to Ukraine
8. How the West is breaking through Russia’s propaganda wall
9. US must counter Russian misinformation on Ukraine with ‘psyops,’ experts say
10. Invoking America’s Darkest Days, Zelensky Pleads for More U.S. Aid
11. Chinese Agent Proposed Violent Means to End Dissident’s Congress Run, DOJ Says
12. Ukraine War Update - March 17, 2022 | SOF News
13. The DOD Needs a Joint Wargaming Center
14. Japan spots four Russian amphibious transports sailing from Far East
15. Top Marine General Praises Ukrainian Forces as 'Very Well Trained, Very Well Led'
16. Pacific general vows ‘robust’ response to China attack
17. Ukraine’s Lessons for Taiwan
18. A complete guide to why a no-fly zone over Ukraine won't work
19. Better Curricula, Better Strategic Outcomes: Irregular Warfare, Great Power Competition, and Professional Military Education
20. Fall of the Golden Arches Theory: Enriching tyrants doesn’t prevent wars after all
21. Chinese Agent Proposed Violent Means to End Dissident’s Congress Run, DOJ Says
22. A Losing and Desperate Putin Could Be Terrifying
23, Paying for Tomorrow’s Readiness with Today’s
24. Inherently Escalatory: The No-Fly Zone in Ukraine
25. China will define the next phase of the Russia-Ukraine war—and the shifting world order
26. U.S. bars ex-spies from becoming 'mercenaries,' following Reuters series
27.  How China is winning the information war in the Pacific
28. We need to stop talking about the grey zone

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea silent about apparent missile launch failure
2. Yoon officials mull construction of presidential residence in Yongsan
3. First meeting between Moon and Yoon canceled after election
4. Both Moon and Yoon want to fill empty top posts
5. Relocating the presidential office emerges as ‘tall order’
6. Kim Jong-un views US military presence as ‘bulwark’ against China threat: Pompeo
7. Defense minister visits US military base to check combined readiness
8. Cheong Wa Dae stresses Moon's right to personnel appointments until end of term
9. The Biden Administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and Its Implications for South Korea
10. Li Ning refutes US claim of using North Korean forced labour in its supply chain as his sports goods are banned in America
11. Column: Despite nasty campaign, South Korean voters reconfirm merits of law-abiding democracy
12. North Korea courts disaster with missile tests from international airport: Analysts