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3/15/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 03/15/2022 - 9:16am

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National Security News Content:

1. The Western World Is in Denial
3. Axios Finish Line: Be like Zelensky
4. U.S. works to keep China on board in Ukraine conflict
5. Russia-Ukraine live updates: Kyiv under attack as European leaders announce visit to besieged capital
6. The View of Ukraine from Taiwan: Get Real About Territorial Defense
7. Regime Change, But for Whom
8. Ukraine makes clear the US must reconsider its one-war defense strategy
9. Air Force special ops chief says it’s time to embrace new missions
10. General Valery Gerasimov’s Great Ukrainian Disaster
11. Ukraine War Update - March 15, 2022 | SOF News
12. Understanding China’s rising military spending
13. Wither Hybrid War
14. Guernica II: Russian Bombing in Ukraine Echoes the Civil War in Spain and All It Meant
15. Maps: Tracking the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
16. Lifting Human Rights Sanctions on Iran Would Be a Mistake
17. International Law Goes to War in Ukraine
18. Attack on Ukrainian base came from warplanes inside Russia, Pentagon says, underscoring limits of a no-fly zone
19. The Biden administration is poised to hand Hezbollah a win in Vienna | Opinion
20. Reconciliation of China bills in Congress could produce big cybersecurity wins
21. FDD | Russia's Putin looks to import Syrian mercenaries to do the 'dirty tricks' against Ukraine’s population
22. US sends sizable contingent to Norway for giant NATO exercise in region rattled by Russia
23. Three Critical Defense Reallocations for U.S. Strategic Competition with China
24. Before the Next Shock – How America Can Build a More Adaptive Global Economy
25. The Terrifying Truth Putin Has Taught Us
26. EXPLAINER: How plausible is Chinese military aid for Russia?
27. An Airlift Could Save Ukraine
28.  How Kyiv’s outgunned defenders have kept Russian forces from capturing the capital
29. QAnon Thinks Trump Says ‘Chy-na’ to Send a Secret Message About Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. Work at North's airport suggests major missile launch
2. Another ICBM test may be in near future, source says
3. Yoon to hold one-on-one meeting with Moon for 'heart-to-heart' discussion
4. Top security advisers of U.S., China meet over N. Korea, Russia
5. S. Korea to provide non-lethal military, medical supplies to Ukraine
6. Moon sets out to self-award the Grand order of Mugunghwa
7. US gov't raises alarm for financial institutions against business with North Korea
8. President-elect Yoon faces limited choices over North Korea
9. Why Ukraine matters to South Korea
10. Limiting presidential powers
11. Ex-vice foreign minister to lead foreign affairs on Yoon’s transition team
12. Large-scale military drills and THAAD are back on the table in South Korea
13. How North Korea Views the Ukraine Crisis
14. U.S. carrier displays air power over Yellow Sea as North Korea may be set to test long-range missile
15. Why Kim Jong Un Wants the World to See New ICBM Tests as Satellite Technology
16. Young Voters Split Along Gender Lines in Presidential Election