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3/13/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 03/13/2022 - 11:46am

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National Security News Content:

1 Ukraine Threat Update - March 13, 2022 | SOF News
3. The Question the World Is Asking: Is Vladimir Putin Rational?
4. Pentagon push to send more trainers to Ukraine was scrapped in December amid White House fears of provoking Russia
5. Wang Jixian: A Voice from The Other China, but in Odessa
6. 100 women have now graduated US Army Ranger School
7. Philippines willing to open bases to US if Ukraine conflict spreads
8.  California’s National Guard Trained Ukraine’s Military for Decades—and Now It Helps From Afar
9. Harvard teens made a website matching Ukrainian refugees with people offering places to stay
10. Ukraine’s New Foreign Legion Takes the Fight to Russian Forces
11. U.S. Won’t Negotiate Ukraine-Related Sanctions with Russia to Save Iran Nuclear Deal
12. The West’s Economic War Plan Against Russia
13. Here’s What Putin Doesn’t Want You to Know About What’s Happening Inside Russia Right Now
14. BBC World Service resurrects shortwave broadcasts in war-torn Ukraine
15. The War in Ukraine Is Just Beginning
16. Shaky footage in Ukraine shows this is a tale of two ways of waging war: stealth versus brute force
17. Kyiv ‘ready to fight’ as Russian forces close in Ukraine capital
18. Why Russia's Brutal War in Ukraine Could Sink China
19. Just Stop: Russia’s Claim of Chemical, Bio Labs in Ukraine Is Garbage
20. US Fears Russian Disinformation About Ukraine Bioweapons Gaining Traction
21. How Russia Sowed A Conspiracy Theory About U.S. Bioweapons In Ukraine
22. This Global Resistance to Putin’s War Is Historic
23. Mind the escalation aversion: Managing risk without losing the initiative in the Russia-Ukraine war
24. Opinion | The Price of Putin’s Belligerence
25. What Will Putin Do If Russia Has No Chance at Victory in Ukraine?
26. Ukraine War Ushers In ‘New Era’ for U.S. Abroad
27. Uncomfortable lessons from a checkered irregular warfare legacy - Responsible Statecraft
28. Supplying Arms to Ukraine is Not an Act of War

Korean News Content:

1. Opinion | South Korea makes a welcome turn toward the U.S. — just when it is really needed
2. How South Korea's election of Yoon Suk Yeol may affect relationship with US
3. Pyongyang’s Manufactured Missile Crisis – Analysis
4. South Korea's new conservative president will likely setback peace and gender equality | Opinion
5. Japanese and South Korean leaders agree to boost ties with US to tackle North Korea
6. Joe Biden's Nightmare: A War in Ukraine and North Korea Testing ICBMs
7. NK outlet slams S. Korea for denouncing satellite project as ICBM development
8. Yoon's spokesperson urges N. Korea to return to dialogue
9. US Warns North Korea’s Reconnaissance Satellite Tests Are Cover for ICBM Development
10. U.N. recruiting new special rapporteur for N. Korea human rights
11. Yoon names Ahn head of transition committee
12. Revisiting Yoon’s 8-month political career before presidential leap
13. N. Korea may fire big missile to put spy satellite in space
14. US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement Key to Further Elevating Alliance
15. The Continuing Threat of North Korea's Chemical Weapons
16. After S.Korea Election Loss, Moon's Ruling Party Scrambles to Regroup
17. South Korea’s president-elect promises military buildup