Small Wars Journal

3/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 03/11/2023 - 10:57am

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National Security News Content:


2. Saudi Arabia and Iran Agree to Restore Ties, in Talks Hosted by China

3. Disinformation Wars: China, Russia Cooperating On Propaganda More Than Ever, Says Report

4. Incrementalism Is Throttling U.S. Support for Ukraine

5. Outgoing president of Micronesia accuses China of bribery, threats and 'political warfare'

6. Analysis | Georgia Is a New Front in Russia’s Hybrid War

7. China holds ‘military advantage’ over US as Washington prepares for conflict over Taiwan: retired general

8. 5.2% Pay Bump for Troops, Feds in 2024 Budget Proposal

9. What to Do in an Increasingly Bipolar World

10. Lessons From Ukraine Many Don’t Want to Hear

11. Is China’s ‘Straddle’ on Ukraine Coming to an End?

12. Is Australia’s Defense Strategy Based on a Mistaken Assumption?

13. Air Force chief wants to take ‘wrecking ball’ to service’s bureaucracy

14. Deepfakes and Disinformation Pose a Growing Threat in Asia

15. OPINION: Blessed Are the Peacemakers Who Define Their Terms (Ukraine)

16. The United States' China-centered existential crisis – The China Project

17. Inside Indo-Pacific Command’s $87 billion wish list to deter China

18. Irregular Warfare Initiative Launches New Website

19. Blacks in SOF - Panel 2

Korean News Content:

1. North Korean hackers used polished LinkedIn profiles to target security researchers

2. Yoon vows to further strengthen extended deterrence against N.K. threats

3. Victor Gilinsky offers a less optimistic view of North Korea’s negotiating tactics and nuclear program

4. South Korea less battle-capable than North, top ex-general warns

5. Opposition leader claims forced labor compensation plan may lead to military consequences

6. Wife of detained S. Korean pastor sends an open letter to her husband

7. North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un: Billions in wealth, mansions, luxury cars – The luxurious life of country's Supreme Leader

8. Where else in the world is there this kind of slavery?’ (north Korea)

9. Zainichi Korean businessmen to donate to foundation for forced labor victims

10. Korean cosmetics firms shift focus to North America from China

11. Envisioning Korea in 2070 in births, deaths, marriages and immigration

12. North Korean women told to be 'flowers of loyalty' by having more children

13. U.S. to hold meeting at U.N. on North Korea rights abuses

14. N. Korean Leader Regretted Lack of War-Ending Declaration with Trump

15. Kellogg's Global Politics The North Korean Threat with David Maxwell



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