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2/5/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 02/05/2024 - 9:50am

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National Security News Content:

1. At least 6 Kurdish fighters are killed in a drone attack on a Syrian base housing US troops

2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 4, 2024

3. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, February 4, 2024

4. Special Operations News - February 5, 2024 | SOF News

5. The 5 best books about Special Forces — according to Green Berets

6. Iran issues warning to US over suspected spy ships in the Mideast

7. Army Still Weighing Combat Awards for Soldiers Hit by Deadly Drone Attack at Jordan Base

8. US intends further strikes against Iran-backed groups, White House says

9. Red Sea attacks (Graphics)

10. The Shadowy Backroom Dealer Steering Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’

11. Opinion | Netanyahu’s refusal to plan for the ‘day after’ may doom Israel’s war effort

12. Could a Rogue Billionaire Make a Nuclear Weapon?

13. "You Americans, You're Fascinated By Power"

14. China’s PLA plots robot drones, 'Jame Bonds' for covert military operations

15. Quantum Talent: An American Civil-Military Fusion

16. Russia’s Adaptation Advantage

17. The Counterinsurgency Trap in Gaza

18. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: February

19. Israel’s Untold Gaza Progress

20.The invasion of Ukraine created a rare opportunity for the CIA to recruit Russian spies

21. SOCOM is after new tech to help special operations forces spot, track, and take out urban threats without being seen

22. Engaging at Home: Foreign Policy for the American PeopleEngaging at Home: Foreign Policy for the American People

23. Claims that Jan. 6 rioters are 'political prisoners' endure. Judges want to set the record straight

24. A New Strategy Can Save Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. Why Some Insiders Fear North Korea Will Fire Nukes This Year

2. ROK-US demonstrate enduring SOF relationship with first combined training of 2024

3. Peace activist, retired general fight for peace in Korea

4. Unification minister stresses importance of principle-based policy on N. Korea

5. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: February

6. Over 90 pct of S. Koreans say N. Korea's denuclearization impossible

7. US’ Korea policy at critical juncture

8. YouTube election campaigns raise concerns over 'hatred business'

9. Kim Jong Un unveils nuclear ambitions

10. Over 60% of S. Koreans lack trust in US nuclear umbrella: survey

11. Korea to take part in U.S.-led space training event this month

12. N. Korea slams Seoul defense chief's anti-Pyongyang warning as 'catalyst' for clash