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2/1/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 02/01/2024 - 4:33pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Why Ukraine Is Not a Universal Resistance Model
2. On the High Seas, a Pillar of Global Trade Is Under Attack
3. A New Global Tax Is About to Raise Billions. The U.S. Is Missing Out.
5. Naval Special Warfare Will Have to Fight Differently
6. One Team. One Fight By Keith Nightingale
7. U.S. irregular warfare experts to brief industry next month on enabling technologies for counter-terrorism
8. Countering Disinformation Effectively: An Evidence-Based Policy Guide
9. The Human Cost of Failed Deterrence
10. U.S. Support for Ukraine Lacks Intellectual Rigor
11. Why Help Ukraine: An Open Letter to My Congressional Colleagues
12. CIA doubles spending to meet China threat
13. The Pentagon has been learning the wrong lessons for three decades
14. How Should the United States Respond to Iran after the Tower 22 Attack? Lessons from Operation Praying Mantis
15. Ban TikTok or Let Beijing Control Our Broadcast Networks Too
16. Israel and Lebanon are prepping for a war neither wants, but many fear it's becoming inevitable
17. China Is Quietly Expanding Its Land Grabs in the Himalayas

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea's ruling party holds workshop to strengthen discipline
2. Gov't unveils Nat'l Cybersecurity Strategy with new focus on N. Korea
3. S. Korea discloses symbol of S. Koreans abducted, detained by N. Korea
4. Cuba's new envoy to N.K. assumes post amid Pyongyang's move to resume diplomacy
5. Japan removes monument for Korean forced labor victims despite criticism
6. Number of NK defectors entering S. Korea nearly triples in 2023
7. North Korean delegation to visit Moscow, Russian lawmaker says
8. Is North Korea Getting Ready for War? No, and the Reason Is Obvious
9. North Korea Does Not Want a War
10. North-South Korea in a dangerous drone duel
11. As North Korea launches missiles and artillery, this island's residents are terrified
12. North Korean tour guide tells backpacker how he feels about America
13. Kim Jong Un craves attention. This time, he should get it