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1/6/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 01/06/2024 - 12:04pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Special Warfare Magazine - January 2024 (PSYWAR School and Irregular Warfare Academy)

2. Defense Primer: What Is Irregular Warfare?

3. ‘Women are the best snipers’: the elite soldier hunting naive Russians

4. Investigation Reveals Tragic Details of Hamas’s Sexual Violence

5. How social media platforms shaped our initial understanding of the Israel-Hamas conflict

6. Denied Care, Deaths in Japan Result from Lack of Emergency Medical Services for American Personnel

7. Don’t Bring a Patriot to a Drone Fight—Bring Fighter UAVs Instead

8. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, January 4, 2024

9. The World’s Biggest Risks for 2024 Are More Than Trump

10. Xi’s latest purge targets the military. Why did powerful generals fall out of favor?

11. Overstretched and undersupplied: Can the US afford its global security blanket?

12.  5 Myths About the U.S. Military That Need to Go Away

13. Preventive Priorities Survey 2024

14. Attrition: Medical Care in the Combat Zone (Russia v. Ukraine)

15. The Unpredictable But Entirely Possible Events That Could Throw 2024 Into Turmoil

Korean News Content:

1. Power and Perception: A Review of Sung-Yoon Lee’s “The Sister”

2. South Korea says US troops won’t be cut even if Trump wins presidency

3. North Korea Factor Fades Amid Seoul’s Trilateral Engagement

4. Kim Jong Un Shows Off Daughter After Reports She's His Presumptive Successor

5. N.K. leader taking offensive policy on S. Korea to divert public attention from internal woes: unification minister

6. N. Korea fires artillery shells from western coast for 2nd day: S. Korean military

7. N. Korean leader sends condolence message to Japanese PM over recent earthquake

8. 2.4 magnitude earthquake hits off southwestern coast: weather agency

9. US validates N. Korean SRBM usage in Russian assault on Ukraine

10. SpectralBlur: New macOS Backdoor Threat from North Korean Hackers

11. North Korea may surprise world with big nuclear moves

12.  South Korea tells Russia to stop getting arms from North Korea

13. U.S. officials, experts pick N.K.-triggered crisis among plausible top-tier contingencies in 2024

14. Pentagon stresses 'main focus' on regional stability amid N. Korea's bellicose rhetoric