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1/6/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 01/06/2022 - 9:31am

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National Security News Content:

1. Australia, Japan sign defense pact as China concerns loom
2. Taiwan and Six Potential New Year’s Resolutions for the U.S.-Japanese Alliance
3.  Deeper Australia–Japan defence ties send strong message to China
4. US-China relations to settle into zone of 'mutually tolerable friction' in 2022: Forum
5. Sweden Launches Psychological Defense Agency To Counter Disinformation
6. US military presence abroad faces more opposition in 2022
7. The Danger Of Technological Surprise: Expect The Unexpected Or Suffer The Consequences
8. Irregular Warfare Initiative Monthly Newsletter
9. The Military’s New Challenge: Defeating Cheap Hobbyist Drones
10. U.S. adversaries are becoming South American conquistadores
1​1. ​North Korea restricts its people’s movement even further in 2022
12. If China is a developing country, a dragon is a dragonfly waiting to grow wings
​13. ​Hard power and conventional deterrence still matter, just ask Putin
14. Taiwan Troops Simulate Urban Warfare With China
15. 20,000 Afghan commandos left behind, lawmakers and veterans urge Biden to rescue them
16. Controversial Chinese Tech Billionaire Gives Millions to Elite American Universities
17. FDD | China’s Sharp Economic Slowdown Threatens to Constrain Xi in 2022
18. Maricopa Co. releases new report on 2020 election, deems many claims misleading; here's what you need to know
19. The Value of a Well-Placed Spy in Moscow
20. Panel: New National Defense Strategy Needs More Substance, Clear Goals
21. The Capitol Riot: A Chronology (GWU National Security Archive)

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea's Ballistic Missile Test: A 6 Step Strategy to Respond
2. Hypersonic Missile Newly Developed by Academy of Defence Science Test-Fired
3. North Korean hypersonic missile hit target in test firing, says state media
4. U.S. condemns N. Korean missile launch, reaffirms commitment to dialogue
5. North Korea Claims It Successfully Tested A New 'Hypersonic Gliding Warhead'
6. North Korea in 2022: What a Former CIA Expert Thinks Kim Jong-un Will Do Next
7. Moon Jae-In's Quest for a North Korea Legacy: Will He Succeed?
8. Seoul urges N. Korea to respond to calls for dialogue following projectile launch
9. U.S. Senate voices opposition to end-of-war declaration
10. U.S. takes any new capability of N. Korea seriously: State Dept.
11. Lots of Manure Sent to Countryside in DPRK
12. Gov't to launch new team to support vulnerable N. Korean defectors
13. ‘Not a surprise’: US military COVID-19 cases set pandemic record in South Korea
14. [INTERVIEW] US humanitarian worker in Seoul helps rescue N. Koreans from human trafficking
15.  Balancing act between China-US not in Korea’s interest: Victor Cha
16. N. Korean man redefected unnoticed although military cameras spotted him 5 times
17. To Reach South Korea, He Risked His Life. To Leave It, He Did It Again.
18. South Korea Has Quietly Taken Sides in the U.S.-China Rivalry
19. Total failure caused by ‘wellbeing security’