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1/5/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/05/2024 - 11:44am

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National Security News Content:

1. The war in Gaza may widen. The Biden admin is getting ready for it.
2. The Pentagon is Trying to Rebuild the Arsenal of Democracy
3. Why America fell out of love with its Army
4. China Has New Full-Scale Target Of America's Ford Supercarrier
5. Russia fires missiles supplied by North Korea into Ukraine, says U.S. intelligence
6. Marine Corps using exercises to mature new Information Command
7. Special Operations Command's commando aircraft are in jeopardy
8. L3Harris secures near half a billion-dollar USSOCOM contract for tactical radios - Army Technology
9. The Hamas 'CEO' who payrolled October 7 rapists and murderers
10. Survivor of Hamas Oct. 7 Music Festival Slaughter Recounts Horrific Rape, Murder of Female Attendee
11. Israel's Plans for Post-War Gaza Begin to Come Into View
12. Water increasingly at the center of conflicts from Ukraine to the Middle East
13. Houthis have attacked ships in the Red Sea 25 times since November
14. U.S., Partners Committed to Defensive Operations in Red Sea
15.  A Ukrainian Saboteur Traveled 900 Miles to A Snowy Russian Airfield And, In The Dead Of Night, Lit A Russian Sukhoi Fighter-Bomber On Fire
16. China’s Attempt To Increase Regional Influence
17. How Far-Right Terrorists Learned to Stop Worrying and Leave the Bomb
18. U.S. Special Ops Team Pioneers Donation Initiative in Thailand
19. Arms and Influencers: Leveraging the Social Media Stars in the US Military’s Ranks
20.  The Ukraine-Taiwan Tradeoff
21. Why America’s National Security Establishment Keeps Falling Short
22. The U.S. Military’s Personnel Crisis
23. Shooting down Russia's overhyped missiles with Patriots is a win for more than just Ukraine. The war is an 'intelligence bonanza' for the West.
24. 3 Steps to Take Instead of Complaining about Gen Z’s Fragile Mental Health
26. Russia issues no comment over rumours Putin's top war commander General Valery Gerasimov has been killed in Ukrainian missile strike on Crimea

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea fires some 200 artillery shells off western coast: S. Korean military
2. N. Korea rebuilds destroyed guard posts inside DMZ with concrete
3. North Korea Fires Artillery Barrage Toward Border Islands in the South
4. Russia fires missiles supplied by North Korea into Ukraine, says U.S. intelligence
5. N. Korean leader inspects factory producing launchers for solid-fuel ICBMs
6. Kim Ju-ae likely heir to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, says South’s spy agency
7. KPA General Staff Issues Report (nK live fire in NLL area)
8. North Korea fires 200 shells into sea off western coast
9. Korean shipbuilder’s submarine designs leaked to Taiwan
10. South Korea fires 400 artillery shells in response to North's provocation
11. Japan firm Hitachi Zosen accused of ‘betrayal’ for Korean forced labour payout
12. US designates NK for religious freedom violation for 22nd straight year
13. ‘The gap in the U.S. North Korean human rights law’ is the longest in history… “It’s disappointing that there is a lack of leadership in Congress.”
14. Pyongyang labor brigades face the music after engaging in “non-socialist” songs and dances
15. Why Kim has skipped his New Year’s speech
16. Tensions escalate as North Korea fires artillery shells off west coast
17. ROK Navy commissions 1st female submariners
18. Russia hit Ukraine with NK-made missiles: Kyiv