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1/4/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/04/2022 - 9:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. Joint Statement of the Leaders of the Five Nuclear-Weapon States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races
2. Russian attack in Ukraine should bring full-time US presence on Kremlin’s doorstep, former top generals advise
3. The U.S. Is Naive About Russia. Ukraine Can’t Afford to Be.
4. Hong Kong Government Snuffs Out More Media
5. Finland insists has right to join Nato, defying Russia’s demands
6. China enters new role as Pacific Islands policeman
7. US shows an exit ramp to Russia
8. A David nation puts the global Goliath in its place
9. Analysis | Fears mount about Russian cyberattacks in Ukraine
10. Five major issues the military will face in 2022
11. 5 Places Where World War III Could Erupt in 2022
12. Opinion | The cybersecurity risk to our water supply is real. We need to prepare.
13. AUKUS deal sets off 'a very big alarm' in China
14. Solving Syria’s Crisis Starts with Sanctioning Iranian Oil
15. Judge grants relief to Navy SEALs who refused coronavirus vaccine, sued Biden administration
16. ‘Close the loopholes’: The Pentagon’s next front in its hunt for extremists
17. With Donald Trump lurking, is the U.S. sleepwalking toward calamity?
18. The Information Warfare Myth
19. How Extremism Went Mainstream
20. Static Inertia: The Legal Challenges to Making Progress on an Effective Military Information Strategy
21. The most important number for China policy
22. Taiwan people's support sought
23. The End of Cyber-Anarchy?

Korean News Content:

1.  N.Korea Sends No New Year's Greeting to S.Korea, U.S.
2. North Korea Still Won't Sign the Korean War Peace Declaration
3. Food, not nukes, key to North Korea: The Statesman
4. North Korea’s Priority May be Food Over Nukes
5. Returned N.Korea defector struggled to resettle in South, lived meagre life
6. Seoul says N.K. defector presumed as border crosser received due settlement support
7. Boomerang case raises new concerns about defectors
8. How a Renegade Gymnast Strolled Into North Korea Like It Was No Big Deal
9. [EXCLUSIVE] In Year of Tiger, Samsung lays out 'Tiger' strategy to beat Apple
10. North Koreans, already hungry, now short of cooking oil
11. Three issues for US-Korea relations in 2022
12. North Korean prices of South Korean cosmetics skyrocket 10-fold since start of 2022
13. F-35A fighter makes emergency landing due to 'avionic system issues': Air Force
14. Leading presidential candidates face mounting distrust