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1/30/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/30/2024 - 5:07pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’ Faces Moment of Truth After Attacks on Israel, U.S. Base
2. Three Ways the U.S. Could Punish Iran After Fatal Drone Attack
3. Fatal drone attack similar to recent incidents in Iraq and Syria
4. Special Operations News - January 29, 2024 | SOF News
5. Drone Attack Kills Three U.S. Soldiers | SOF News
6. In Memoriam: Anthony H. Cordesman
7. Exclusive: US disabled Chinese hacking network targeting critical infrastructure
8. Spycraft and Statecraft by William J. Burns
9. The bane of Western military strategy – Technological Determinism
10. Putin Isn’t Hitler, He’s Mussolini—and Ukraine Is His Abyssinia
11. War with China would be an unmitigated strategic catastrophe
12.  Setting the Record Straight on Attrition
13. Biden’s response to Jordan attack is likely to be powerful, but US is wary of triggering a wider war with Iran, officials say
14. Broad framework for a potential hostage release and ceasefire in Gaza is being presented to Hamas
15. "Oh So Social" Conversation: Gen. David Petraeus + Dr. Michael Vickers
16. IDF reveals how it floods Hamas underground world with anti-tunnel tool
17. Opinion | This Idaho plan to get rid of domestic terrorism doesn’t involve fighting it
18. Opinion: Does Biden Have a Plan to Win the War in Ukraine?
19. ABC News exclusive: Gen. CQ Brown, America's top military official, talks Iran, Israel, Trump and more
20. Playing Chess With Iran: Deterrence Without Provocation – Analysis
21. China Warns Students on Interrogation Reports at DC Airport

Korean News Content:

1. The Dangers of Overreacting to North Korea’s Provocations
2. N. Korea conducts another cruise missile launch: JCS
3. Russia supplied some 100,000 barrels of refined petroleum to N. Korea last year
4. N. Korea forms committee to carry out regional economic policy
5.  N. Korea pulls out of Hong Kong, Libya in series of embassy closures: official
6. <Inside N. Korea> “Prepare for war…” Government intensifies civil defense training amid efforts to stoke crisis…tells those not attending drills that their rations, wages will be cut
7. N. Korea fires 3 missiles in a week, signals performance upgrades
8. ‘12.12: The Day’ and lessons from S. Korea-US relations
9. Is S. Korea ready for trade war planned by Trump?
10. North Korean orphans ‘volunteer’ for grueling mine and farm work
11. Analysts: China's Repatriation of North Korean Defectors Supports Pyongyang's Authoritarian Rule
12. N Korea launches rural growth committee as economy struggles
13. S. Korea’s echo chambers grow, study finds
14. N. Korean farmers express frustration at “Juche Farming Method” lectures
15 N. Korean university students complain about the state taking away their vacations. 
16. Bolton warns Trump could seek 'reckless' deal on N.K. nuclear program if reelected
17. An ‘Orange Revolution’ in South Korean Politics?
18. 'A lot of punishment, no food, hard work': North Korean defector's fears for sister who will 'die in jail'
19. Secret calls and code names: The risky business of sending money to N Korea
20. The Korean War: The First Year