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1/29/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/29/2024 - 5:03pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Mix-Up Preceded Deadly Drone Strike in Jordan, U.S. Officials Say
2. Biden: America ‘shall respond’ after drone attack kills 3 US troops
3. DoD Identifies Army Casualties
4. What is Tower 22, the military base that was attacked in Jordan where 3 US troops were killed?
5. Senate Democrats call on Pentagon to halt aid to human rights abusers and coup governments
6. Ukraine says it uncovered $40 million corruption scheme in weapons procurement
7. Options for a Post-War Future for Gaza
8. Trends in Maritime Challenges Indicate Force Design 2030 Is the Proper Path
9. Opinion - How Anxiety About War with China May Raise the Danger of It
10. Analysis | Ukraine’s hopes for victory over Russia are slipping away
11. Good Economic News Keeps Putting US Ahead in Cold War II
12. How Russia Stopped Ukraine’s Momentum
13. UNRWA is worse than you think
14. Iran’s New Best Friends
15. Weak US air defense exposed in Jordan drone attack

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. leader oversees submarine-launched cruise missile test: state media
2. S. Korean military sees N. Korea's claimed submarine-launched cruise missile test as 'exaggerated'
3. Rising N.K. threats raise questions over U.S. policy efficacy
4. Unification minister says designating day for defectors also meaningful for N. Korean people
5. 'North Korean official killed by protesters in China'
6. S. Korea-Russia relations hit new low following defense minister's remarks on Ukraine aid
7. North's Kim alludes to food shortages in call for regional development
8. First public center exposing NK human rights to open in Seoul
9. US urges N. Korea to refrain from 'threatening' activity, return to diplomacy
10. Kim Jong Un boosts underwater nuclear threat, urges fast submarine build
11. Whistleblower: State security officer in Russia is stealing workers’ money
12. N. Korea and Russia intensify cooperation to prevent workers from defecting
13. Why a scandal over a Dior handbag is consuming a key U.S. ally