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1/24/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/24/2024 - 8:52am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 23, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 23, 2024
3. America Works. DEI Doesn’t.
4. Professional (and creative) writing at the CIA
5. National Guard soldier and social media influencer Michelle Young dies at 34
6. Iranian Military Technology and Advisers Aid Houthi Attacks in Red Sea, Officials Say
7. How U.S. Destroyers Keep Shooting Down Houthi Anti-Ship Missiles Without Fail
8. Long-range Strike Capabilities in the Asia-Pacific: Implications for Regional Stability
9. Strike warfare: an American fetish and a global scourge
10. Geopolitics, Not Ideology, Should Guide Our Policies Toward China, Russia, and Iran
11. Russian Bombers Were Destroyed in Russia After 600 Kilometers Spec Ops Infiltration
12. US strikes three facilities in Iraq following attacks on US forces
13. A Port Deal Puts the Horn of Africa on the Brink
14. Biden’s Democracy-Defense Credo Does Not Serve U.S. Interests
15. Beijing’s Economic Challenges Present Opportunities for Washington
16. Israel SitRep: Jan. 23, 2024
17. He Hunted Corrupt Chinese Officials. Now He’s Set to Be Foreign Minister.
18. US launches first drone strike of the year in Somalia
19. The VA is abandoning women veterans’ rights for gender identity
20. Myanmar’s Rebels Are Gaining Ground
21. Honed at Home in Yemen, Houthi Propaganda Is Going Global
22. Russian military jet crashed near Belgorod, killing 74, officials say
23. The Future of Irregular Warfare: The United States is Winning, Now What?

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea fires cruise missiles off west coast, Seoul says
2. Tensions Set to Rise as North Korea Drops Unification Goal
3. Defense chief warns N. Korea will face end of regime if it wages war
4. N. Korea fires several cruise missiles into Yellow Sea: JCS
5. Rights groups welcome Seoul's call for Beijing to protect N. Korean defectors at U.N. review
6. Seeking Peaceful Coexistence with North Korea: What Would Kennan Do?
7. Revisiting the Two-State System for Peaceful Coexistence on the Korean Peninsula
8. N. Korea attempts to use generative AI for hacking attacks: spy agency
9. An in-depth look at Kim Jong Un’s “two states” narrative: Part 1
10. An in-depth look at Kim Jong Un’s “two states” narrative: Part 2
11. <Inside N. Korea> Students and parents unhappy with shoddily-made school uniforms…Authorities crackdown on homemade uniforms to force everyone to wear the same thing
12. North Korea urges mothers to snitch on their kids who watch South Korean media
13. N. Korean agents arrest family members of defectors near border
14. Korea joins statement backing U.S., British strikes on Houthis
15.  A $2,200 Dior Handbag Shakes South Korea’s Ruling Party
16. North Korea’s Model Chicken Farm Opens With Plans for More
17. Some US soldiers could see $5K bonus for extending their South Korea tour