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12/29/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 12/29/2021 - 9:53am

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National Security News Content:

1. China warns of "drastic measures" if Taiwan provokes on independence
2. Attempts to throttle Chinese tech are self-defeating mind game
3. French-Syrian arrested for alleged delivery of chemical weapon to Syria
4. Biden's comprehensive Indo-Pacific economic framework isn't comprehensive at all
5. George R. Worthington: A quiet warrior passes
6. Erik Prince calls for upgrade of US hybrid conflict capabilities
7. Erik Prince: Q&A
8. It’s Biden’s Turn to Face Putin’s Ukraine Test
9. What Putin Really Wants in Ukraine
10. Hong Kong pro-democracy news site closes after raid, arrests
11. US and Japan float a plan to defend Taiwan
12. Russia will strike Ukraine soon, Putin is playing with Biden and NATO
13. Are New and Emerging Technologies Game-Changers for Smaller Powers?
14. Decades of DOD efforts fail to stamp out bias, extremism
15. Biden allows 5 Vietnam, Korean War soldiers to get Medal of Honor upgrades
16. The Charles Lieber case reveals America’s scientific rivalry with China
17. Invite Taiwan to massive RIMPAC naval exercises, US defense act says
18. National Cyber Director Unveils New Approach at Cyber War College Conference
19. The West must deter aggression from tyrants better than it did last century
20. John Bolton: Now Is the Time For NATO To Stand Up To Russia
21. Lithuania Is the ‘Canary’ of World Order

Korean News Content:

1.  S. Korea, U.S. have effectively agreed on draft text of end-of-war declaration: FM Chung
2. Moon’s final obsession
3.  U.S. hopes N. Korea will respond positively to outreach for dialogue: State Dept.
4. N. Korea pushes back after U.S. keeps it on state sponsors of terrorism list
5. North Korea’s vital role as a Cold War training ground for global terrorists
6. North Korea: Kim Jong-un may schedule discussion with US over de-nuclearisation
7. North Korea's Workers' Party meets with Kim Jong Un to discuss nation's future
8. N. Korea could stage ICBM or nuclear test before U.S. midterm elections: think tank
9. Biden may face a North Korea crisis within months
10. Elderly woman in Hamhung “talk of the town” after publicly criticizing provincial party secretary
11. Defectors’ remittances to N. Korea down 18% in 2021 amid pandemic: NGO
12. N.K. leader orders 'important revolutionary measures' for rural development