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12/28/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 12/28/2021 - 9:48am

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National Security News Content:

1. Richard Marcinko, Founding Commander of SEAL Team 6, Dies at 81
2. How SEAL Team 6 founder Richard Marcinko shaped America’s modern-day special operations forces
3. Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch dies at 74
4. What Putin, Xi and Khamenei Want
5. FDD | Chile’s new president is a win for Iran
6. Breaking Up Tech Is a Gift to China
7. Opinion | Americans must rally against the real threat to our democracy: China
8. Congressional Report Reveals China’s Strategy to Dominate East Asia
9. Academic says Bitcoin is worse than a Ponzi scheme
10. Xi Jinping’s mission to dominate the Chinese Communist Party
11. Biden signs NDAA into law, but when will the money really come?
12. A Bigger Defense Budget Is Nothing to Celebrate
13. Biden Should Not Embrace New Nuclear Policies
14. It’s an Alliance and US-Japan Success Begins on Base
15. Is McKinsey China's weapon against America? | Opinion
16. Defense Against Corruption Is Nice. Offense Against Corruption Is Better.
17. The US military's extremism problem isn't going away
18. Gray Zones or Limited War?
19. MSNBC columnist calls for ending NORAD Santa tracker to keep Santa 'safe' from US military
20. Mark Milley should be executed on live TV, says GOP congressional candidate Noah Malgeri

Korean News Content:

1. Abrams’ remarks on China challenge ‘very surprising’ to South Korean military
2. KINU Unification Survey 2021: US-China Conflict & South Korean Public Opinion
3. N. Korean leader convenes key party meeting to discuss policy issues
4. N.Korea Reactivates Uranium Plant
5. Korea-Japan-U.S. defense ministerial talks are in the works
6.  How hackers keep North Korea’s economy afloat
7. Virtual inter-Korean summit unlikely before end of the year
8. Seoul should opt for strategic clarity in US-China rivalry: Yoon's foreign policy aide
9. S. Korea urges Japan to retract push to list mine linked to forced labor as World Heritage site
10. Family of former soldier found collapsed due to hunger in unheated home
11. N.Korean Defector Picked as a 'Hero of Year' by U.K. Times