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1/22/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/22/2024 - 9:41am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 21, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 21, 2024
3. Foreign countries own at least 40 MILLION acres of US land
4. Ukraine’s $30 Billion Problem: How to Keep Fighting Without Foreign Aid
5. Military ends rescue search for Navy SEALs lost in maritime raid on ship with Iranian weapons
6. Special Operations News Update - January 22, 2024 | SOF News
7. The Defense Secretary and the Chain of Command: Why Critics Are Wrong About Austin's Emergency
8. How China is winning the Middle East
9. Missile barrage on US base in Iraq leaves personnel being evaluated for brain injuries, officials say
10. As U.S. and Militias Engage, White House Worries About a Tipping Point
11. Extended CR handcuffs federal agency 2024 hiring plans, new contracts
12. In first, UK test fires $13-per-strike DragonFire laser weapon against ‘aerial targets’
13. War is Boyish and Fought by Boys
14. Empty Promises? A Year Inside the World of Multi-Domain Operations
15. War Books: Understanding WMD
16. Ukraine Is Losing the Drone War By Eric Schmidt
17. Iran is waging its own war on terrorIran is waging its own war on terror
18. Taiwan says it spots six more Chinese balloons, one crossed island
19. Israel Uncovers Hamas Tunnel Where Hostages, Including Children, Were Held in 'Inhumane Conditions'
20. Three GOP leaders have produced a smart plan for Ukraine. Will MAGA listen?
21. The Futile Legacy of Mao Zedong

Korean News Content:

1. Is Kim Jong-un Really Planning an Attack This Time?
2. N. Korea defends its stepped-up military measures at int'l forum
3. U.S. flies spy plane after N. Korea's test of underwater nuclear attack drone
4. N. Korea's exports of beauty products jump over 13 times in 2023: data
5. N. Korea calls for economic development in provincial regions
6. North Korea emerges as primary issue for GOP
7. S. Korea must guard against a 'new Cold War alliance'
8. South Korea needs multifaceted strategy to bring NK to dialogue
9. What occurred behind the veil in N.Korea 2020-2023…A disaster unfolding due to shifts in the Kim Jong-un regime’s policies…Part 3: Kim Jong-un’s anti-market policies
10. Survivor of Cheonan sinking assumes captaincy of reincarnated frigate
11. Kim Jong-un & Putin vow to build 'New World Order' in chilling warning to West
12. North Korea fires artillery shells, drops reunification goal with the South