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1/2/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 01/02/2022 - 12:11pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | China’s Ban on ‘Sissy Men’ Is Bound to Backfire
2. Insiders reveal the shameful truth about Afghanistan: the war wasn't 'doomed', just bungled
3. Russia-Ukraine Conflict Lies in the Bones of an 11th-Century Prince
4. How a Wartime Newspaper Article Changed Australia Forever
5. Taiwan and Ukraine are underdogs, but is it wise to fight China and Russia?
6. A dozen national security “Green Swans” for 2022!
7. Using and abusing Djibouti: How the US transformed a tiny African state into a hub of imperial aggression
8. China implements new border law, India concerned
9. China unveils plan to 'take over' Latin America
10. China to replace US as world's leading empire, says hedge fund star
11. Cyber attack on UK's Defence Academy had 'significant' impact, officer in charge at the time reveals
12. Pirates: The US Military's Big Plan to Beat China In a War?
13. Why Moscow Sees Biden As the Key to Avoiding War in Ukraine
14. Bashar Assad’s Dangerous Game
15. Conspiracy theories paint fraudulent reality of Jan. 6 riot
16. Majority of Americans think Jan. 6 attack threatened democracy: POLL
17. Republicans and Democrats divided over Jan. 6 insurrection and Trump’s culpability, Post-UMD poll finds
18. Militaries are among the world’s biggest emitters. This general wants them to go green.

Korean News Content:

1. South Korea Says Individual Entered North Korea Through DMZ
2. N.K. leader visits mausoleum of grandfather, father to mark new year
3. National Flag-hoisting Ceremony Marks New Year (north Korea)
4. Unidentified person crosses eastern border into N. Korea: S. Korean military
5. Lack of discipline, vigilance (South Korea)
6. Off guard for three hours (Korean DMZ)
7. Question marks linger for S. Korea with Beijing Winter Olympics nearing
8. The New Political Cry in South Korea: ‘Out With Man Haters’
9. Rights watchdog rejects petition over gov't decision to penalize defector group over leafleting campaign
10. NK’s 2022 policy direction: Prioritize internal stability, wait and see on foreign policy
11. What lies ahead for Korea’s new president
12. Year of the Tiger: Why tigers have a special place in Koreans’ hearts