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1/18/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 01/18/2024 - 9:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. Pakistan Conducts Strikes in Iran, Retaliating for Earlier Hit by Tehran

2. The First Rule of Cluster Munitions: Don’t Talk about Cluster Munitions By John Nagl and Dan Rice

3. Taiwan reports first major Chinese military activity after election

4. The Black Sea is now the center of gravity for the Ukraine War

5. Why US Airstrikes Aren’t Stopping Attacks by Iran-Backed Houthi Militia

6. DoD 'completely rewrites' classification policy for secret space programs

7. Expect a Chinese show of force against Taiwan soon, says INDOPACOM head

8. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 17, 2024

9. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 17, 2024

10. South Africa and other antisemitic genocidaires accuse Israel of genocide

11. To Defend Taiwan, the US Navy Must Retake the Ocean High Ground

12. Before Larger or More Lethal, the U.S. Navy First Needs a Maritime Strategy

13. The National Security Imperative of the Defense Appropriations Bill

14. What the Navy is learning from its fight in the Red Sea

15. Austin Leaves Hospital, Returns Home

16. Ukraine’s War of Narratives

17. The Quiet Transformation of Occupied Ukraine

18. DEI Destroys Excellence, Military Cohesion at Service Academies

19. Congress Ensures Continuity in US Policy Toward China and Taiwan

20. Of Green Berets & Secret CIA Missions

21. Zelenskyy's Battlefield Visits by Mick Ryan

22. China Has A Formidable Marine Corps But PLA's UN Peace-Keeping Fiasco Shows It's Not Battle-Hardened

23. People as a Weapons System: Moscow and Minsk’s Continued Attempts to Weaponize Migration

24. How civics education can help solve the military recruitment crisis

25. Goodbye PS Magazine

Korean News Content:

1. A Fundamental Shift or More of the Same? A Rebuttal (north Korean situation)
2. #NorthKorea: Threats and the arsenal of resistance - John Batchelor Show
3. How the Ukraine War Is Aiding North Korea’s Illicit-Arms Business
4. Hyundai and Kia Emerge as Tesla’s Biggest U.S. Rivals
5. As if We Didn’t Have Enough to Frighten Us …. (north Korea)
6. UNSC to hold consultations on N. Korea this week
7. U.S. warns against N. Korea's weapons aid to Russia after N. Korean FM's visit to Moscow
8. Number of N. Korean defectors entering S. Korea nearly triples in 2023
9. Defector-turned-lawmaker says ‘Kim Jong Un’s provocations a bluff, no need for concern’
10. Insiders say North Korea is not in any position to immediately wage war
11. N. Korean leader spotted using Mercedes-Benz SUV despite sanctions
12. Nuclear envoys of South, U.S. and Japan call on North to ditch hostile rhetoric
13. N. Korea risk, earning shocks cause Seoul's stock market to stumble
14. Kim Jong Un’s Declaration of a Hostile Relationship Between North and South Korea Is a Big Deal
15. North Korea boosts salaries, introduces cash cards for more currency control
16. N. Korea broadcasts map highlighting only northern Korean Peninsula in red
17. What occurred behind the veil in N.Korea 2020-2023…A disaster unfolding due to shifts in the Kim Jong-un regime’s policies…Part 1: A blind spot with no outside witnesses
18. N. Korean refugee-turned-scholar joins prominent think tank
19. What Hezbollah’s Fortifications Teach Us About North Korean Defenses