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1/15/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/15/2024 - 10:48am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 14, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 14, 2024
3. Ukraine’s Long-Term Path to Success: Jumpstarting a Self-Sufficient Defense Industrial Base with US and EU Support
4. Beijing Grows Assertive as Chinese Private Military Companies ‘Come Out of the Shadows’
5. The Greater Goal in Gaza
6. Readiness Redefined, But Not Measured
7. Why Philanthropists Should Become Heretics
8. U.S. Intercepts Cruise Missile Attack on Its Warship in Red Sea
9. U.S. tech companies prepare for drone attacks with new defenses
10. Biden sent private message to Tehran amid airstrikes: ‘We’re well-prepared’
11. Philippines hits back at China, says joint patrols with US not ‘provocative’
12. US tops public distrust in innovation on eve of Davos, survey shows
13. Ukrainian Sources: We Just Shot Down Two Of Russia’s Best Command Planes
14.  Resistance groups claim capture of 2 Myanmar cities
15. Navy SEALs lost at sea were searching for Yemen-bound weapons shipment
16. Special Operations News - January 15, 2024 | SOF News
17. How Hamas fooled gullible donors to fund its billion-dollar terror tunnel system
18. China Opts for Isolation of Taiwan After Democratic Vote
19. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower captain posts dog photo after strikes on Yemen
20. Why The World Is Betting Against American Democracy
21. US military academies focus on oaths and loyalty to Constitution as political divisions intensify
22. The Next Battle in Higher Ed May Strike at Its Soul: Scholarship

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea claims to have successfully launched solid-fuel hypersonic IRBM
2. Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, U.S., Japan condemn N. Korea's missile launch
3. N.K. foreign minister leaves for Russia amid deepening military cooperation
4. S. Korea considering support measures for safe passage in Red Sea
5. North says it launched IRBM carrying hypersonic warhead
6. N. Korea to convene key parliamentary meeting amid animosity toward S. Korea
7. U.S. condemns N. Korea's missile launch as breach of UNSC resolutions
8. North Korea’s New Unification Policy: Implications and Pitfalls
9.  North Korea broke now-defunct military pact with South 3,600 times: JCS
10. Moon government accused of lax oversight of NK guard post demolition
11. Korea unveils plan to build $472 bil. mega chip cluster in Gyeonggi Province
12. North Korea tests first solid-fuel ‘hypersonic’ missile
13. A new year, same old story on the Korean Peninsula in 2024
14. Explainer: Why is North Korea testing hypersonic missiles and how do they work?
15. <Inside N. Korea> Government implements wage hike of more than 10 times (3) Wages are paid with cards as part of efforts to force people to buy food from the state