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1/12/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/12/2024 - 10:13am

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. Missiles Strike Targets in Yemen Linked to Houthis

2. Houthis Vow to Respond After U.S. Leads Strikes in Yemen: Live Updates

3. Who Are the Houthis and Why Is the U.S. Attacking Them?

4. U.S.-led coalition strikes Iran-aligned Houthi militants in Yemen

5. U.S.-Led Yemen Strikes Heighten Risk of Broader Middle East Conflict

6. It's On Against the Houthis by Mick Ryan

7. Pentagon fell short in tracking $1 billion in Ukraine aid, IG finds

8. Ukraine gives “unprecedented” access to information on donated weapons - Pentagon

9. Pentagon Flags Tracking Issues in Weapons for Ukraine, Denies Evidence of Misuse

10. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 11, 2024

11. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 11, 2024

12. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, January 11, 2024

13. Interview with Dave Eubank at Free Burma Rangers

14. Inside Biden's decision to strike the Houthis

15. Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on Coalition Strikes in Houthi-Controlled Areas of Yemen

16. DOD Releases First-Ever National Defense Industrial Strategy

17. Pentagon’s first industrial strategy calls for ‘generational’ change

18. Ukraine and Russia say they want the war to end. But military and political experts say they're nowhere near peace talks

19. IDF bolsters security for civilians returning to border communities

20. Houthis continue attacks in Red Sea despite warning from coalition

21. The long war: Israel won’t cease firing until Iran’s Hezbollah does

22. The Gaza War as Seen from Southeast Asia

23. Conflict Resolution is not Always Possible

24. Understanding China’s Approach to Deterrence

25. Dems rip Biden for launching Houthi strikes without congressional approval

26. Can China Swing Taiwan’s Elections?

27. The Right Way to Regulate AI

28. Soldiers build nuke-detecting backpack

29. 4 ways China is trying to interfere in Taiwan’s presidential election

30. Army civilian accused of bilking $100 million to fund luxury lifestyle

31. Does the Marine Corps Need Course Correction? Congress Wants to Know

Korean News Content:

1. Defense chief calls for maintaining capabilities to strike N.K. leadership

2. Is Kim Jong Un Preparing for War?

3. Websites of N. Korean propaganda outlets inaccessible for 2nd straight day

4.  N.K. envoy calls Russia's use of Pyongyang missiles 'groundless accusation'

5. Russia-North Korea Military Cooperation Under UN Spotlight

6. Russia is revealing North Korea's ballistic missile secrets

7. North Korea is using Ukraine as a test site for its nuclear-capable missiles, South Korea says

8. Facebook post raises alarm about safety of water on Army base in South Korea

9. N. Korea’s elite defectors working at NIS increases during Yoon administration

10. Foreign Minister emphasizes North Korea coordination in China relationship

11. North Korea: Covid-19 Still Used to Justify Repression

12. Expect North Korean Provocations in Low Earth Orbit

13. Over 17 North Koreans prosecuted for using S. Korean slang: Human Rights Watch

14. <Inside N. Korea> Government implements wage hike of more than 10 times (2) What are the intentions and goals of the KJU regime? People’s incomes have risen, but discontent is still deep…Wage hike part of the regime’s “rule over calories”

15. South Korea’s over 70 population overtakes 20-somethings