Small Wars Journal

11/17/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 11/17/2021 - 10:10am

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National Security News Content:

1. An independent commission should review our National Defense Strategy
2. U.S. Allies Drive Much of World’s Democratic Decline, Data Shows
3. Will the Biden Administration Be Soft on Sanctions?
4. China’s Search for Allies- Is Beijing Building a Rival Alliance System?
5. Australian Official Says AUKUS Will Establish Rules-Based Order with China Other Countries
6. Don’t Be Evil: America Needs Its Mantra Back
7. Swift trans-Atlantic action kept Turkey from fueling Belarus’ hybrid attacks
8. Rising costs for troops’ pay and benefits could hurt military readiness, experts warn
9. United Nations’ transnational bureaucrats now do Beijing’s bidding
10. The death of democracy (USAGM/VOA)
11. A Veteran Diplomat, a ‘Tragic Figure,’ Battles Critics in the U.S. and Afghanistan
12. President Biden to visit Fort Bragg for early Thanksgiving with service members
13. Agile Multilateralism Is Needed to Address Cybercrime Safe Havens
14. Why Cyber War Is Subversive, and How that Limits its Strategic Value
15. More Deferential but Also More Political: How Americans' Views of the Military Have Changed Over 20 Years
16. China Locks Down Its History, to Its Peril and the World’s
17. COMMENT: China invokes history of Korean War, CCP and Xi in battle for hearts and minds
18. Authoritarian Leaders Are Weaker Than They Look, Thanks to Covid
19. The U.S. Military and the Coming Great-Power Challenge By Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr.
20. As U.S. spies look to the future, one target stands out: China
21. 9th U.S-Philippines Bilateral Strategic Dialogue
22. Joint Vision for a 21st Century United States-Philippines Partnership

Korean News Content:

1. Deputy Secretary Sherman’s Meeting with Republic of Korea First Vice Foreign Minister Choi
2. Senior S. Korean, U.S. diplomats discuss N. Korea, end-of-war declaration: ministry
3. End-of-war declaration can be 'catalyst' for N. Korea talks: minister
4. FM Chung calls for cooperation among S. Korea, China, Japan to overcome 'differences'
5. N. Korea slams U.S. military drill as a 'nuclear war exercise'
6. North Korea warns of 'catastrophic' COVID-19 crisis as other countries ease restrictions
7. U.S. State Dept. doesn't mention end-of-war declaration
8. Korean Peninsula issue neglected in titans' showdown
9. U.S. can work with China on North Korea, says White House adviser
10. Military aircraft will be grounded in South Korea as students take college-entrance exam
11. N. Korea on the hunt for two men who escaped while being transported to forced labor camp
12. North Korea Pushing U.S. to Tolerate Missile Tests and Nuclear Program, Says Panel
13. Several local governments in S. Korea are building AIs using CCTV data without subjects' consent
14. Seoul's end-of-war declaration push raises questions over UNC future
15. South Korea loosened covid rules after massive vaccine uptake. Now cases and hospitalizations are surging.
16. Smuggled copies of Squid Game spread inside North Korea
17. USFK begins COVID-19 inoculation program for affiliated children



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