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11/14/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/14/2022 - 10:14am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (13.11.22) CDS comments on key events
3. Biden’s new national security strategy points to China’s ‘intent to reshape the international order.’ - One expert calls it ‘the first superpower summit of the Cold War Version 2.0.’
4. Assessment of the Risk of a Nuclear Exchange with Russia: Is the U.S. Whistling Past the Nuclear Graveyard?
5. Biden, Xi stress need to work together as they meet for talks
6. Zelenskiy visits recaptured Kherson, residents recount abuse by Russian forces
7. End the Ukraine war well
8. Missile Defense Is More Urgent Than Ever
9. DOD making progress in information operations but more improvement is needed, experts say
10. Special Operations News Update - Nov 14, 2022 | SOF News
11. Congress seeks to arm Taiwan quickly as China threat grows
12. Biden's past promises for US to defend Taiwan under microscope in meeting with China's Xi
13. Joe Biden Is Making China Squirm over Taiwan Before Their Summit
14. Live Updates: Biden and Xi Meeting Ends as U.S.-China Tensions Rise
15. Why China Will Play It Safe
16. Reconceiving U.S. Economic Strategy
17. Ukraine claims sniper has broken record for second-longest ranged kill
18. With Over 2000 Pilots Killed, China Is Struggling With Its Aviators Despite Three Aircraft Carriers & An Enormous Air Force
19. Indonesia: No proxy wars in Southeast Asia
20. The Right Wing’s Loyalty Test for the U.S. Military
21. Extremists in Uniform Put the Nation at Risk

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Sees New Opportunities in ‘Neo-Cold War’ 
2. N. Korea unresponsive to S. Korea's bid to return body of presumed N. Korean
3. Former special counsel indicted for alleged graft
4. US to expand strategic asset deployment to counter N.K.’s provocations
5. Yoon, Biden, Kishida agree to real-time intel sharing
6. History Proves China Will Never Help Biden on North Korea
7. Hong Kong protest anthem played at Rugby Sevens series in Korea
8. US midterm results to sideline North Korea issue: experts
9. South and North Korea at Risk of New Crisis
10. Strengthened deterrence (ROK-Japan - US)
11. N. Korean authorities continue to conduct public executions of alleged criminals
12. Hackers use S. Korean internet security agency as a disguise to mount cyberattacks
13. No Itaewon witch hunts
14. Artillery shell exports to US
15. Biden raises concerns about N. Korea's provocations in summit with China's Xi
16. [Herald Interview] Biden must alienate Pyongyang from Beijing for N.Korea policy to work
17. The Near-Perfect North Korean Embassy Raid That Went Sour
18. PH supports S. Korea’s bid to denuclearize peninsula
19. South Korea aligns Indo-Pacific strategy with US, Japan: experts
20. Biden: Partnership with Japan, South Korea ‘more important’ in face of North Korea threat