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1/10/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/10/2024 - 9:50am

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National Security News Content:

1. Assessing Resistance for the Purpose of Informing International Policy
2. Elections and Disinformation Are Colliding Like Never Before in 2024
3. How Ukraine Must Change If It Wants to Win
4. US and Allies Met Secretly With Ukraine on Peace Plan
5. CNO Franchetti's Warfighting Priorities
6. Readout of 2024 U.S.-PRC Defense Policy Coordination Talks
7. Kleptocrats in democracy’s clothing: Beijing and Moscow talk anti-corruption at the UN
8. Understanding AFSOC’s Adaptive Airborne Enterprise
9. Ten Lessons from Ten Years in the Army: Advice for Junior Leaders
10. China makes preparations for a war that the Pentagon says is not inevitable
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 9, 2024
12. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 9, 2024
13. US-China defense talks resume as two sides meet in Washington
14. Marco Rubio: U.S. Steel Sale Is Bad News for National Security
15. The US Steel deal is a test of friendshoring—and the US is failing
16. Ukraine’s War Effort Is Stuck. This Heroic Battlefield Failure Shows Why.
17. Israeli Special Forces Stake Out Mideast Terror Hotspots In Case Hostages Are Smuggled From Gaza: Report
18. 3 things China, Russia learned from Secretary Austin's secret hospitalization
19. America Will Have to Heavily Arm NATO’s Six Frontline States If Ukraine Falters—Especially Finland
20. Lawmakers Push for More Nuclear Microreactors in INDOPACOM
21. America's Veterans Are Civic Assets — Let's Stop Fearing Them as 'Violent' | Opinion
22. A Post-Election Risk Assessment for the Taiwan Strait
23, Taiwan’s Status Quo Election
24. How Ukraine Can Win Through Defense
25. With Tehran closer to nukes, Congress must end Biden’s Iran appeasement before it’s too late
26. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: January
27. Ukraine special forces say they helped destroy a Russian weapons system that was blocking satellite comms
28. Primer: The Army's Journals

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. leader says he has 'no intention of avoiding war' with S. Korea
2. What's behind North Korea's increasing belligerence?
3. Kim Jong Un Calls South Korea ‘Principal Enemy,’ Turning Up Heat
4. North Korea's WMD Arsenal: Unveiling the Hidden Threat of Chemical and Biological Weapons
5. Top S. Korean, NATO military officials hold phone talks ahead of major NATO gathering
6. Multicultural student ratio exceeds 70% in 2 Seoul elementary schools
7. Kim Jong Un labels S Korea as ‘principal enemy,’ boasts war readiness
8. N. Korea conducts public execution over COVID-19 violations: human rights white paper
9. N. Korea likely to carry out psychological warfare ahead of general elections: official
10. Demand for Chinese yuan grows in N. Korean private markets: report
11. Editorial : Some S. Korean factions still stick to ‘Sunshine Policy’ even after the North denied it
12. Editorial: North Korea’s strategic provocations require strong, measured response
13. North Korea doubles down on reign of terror: white paper
14. Russia fired more N. Korean ballistic missiles at Ukraine: White House
15. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: January - KOREA
16. 800,000 Korean men facing challenges in marrying Korean women