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10/6/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 10/06/2021 - 9:59am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden’s era of ‘strategic competition’
2. China could be ready to mount a 'full-scale' invasion of Taiwan by 2025, island's defense minister says
3. Captured, Killed or Compromised: C.I.A. Admits to Losing Dozens of Informants
4.  CIA admits its informants were executed by Iran and China
5. All DoD security clearance holders are now subject to continuous vetting to keep them
6. Opinion | After the deadly error in Afghanistan, maybe drones shouldn’t be used to kill at all
7. What the War in Afghanistan Could Never Do
8. Gordon Chang: Joe Biden Should Offer A Mutual Defense Treaty To Taiwan
9. Tony Abbott in Taiwan to build support among ‘like-minded countries’
10. Japan’s Authorities in a Taiwan Contingency: Providing Needed Clarity
11. FDD | White House Quiet as U.S. Allies Rehabilitate Assad. Congress Should Not Be.
12. FDD | Lawsuit Alleges Ransomware Led to Baby’s Death in Hospital
13. FDD | A Unified and Capable “Quad” Is Bad News for the CCP
14. Researcher or Spy? Maxim Shugaley Saga Points to How Russia Now Builds Influence Abroad
15. America’s ‘pivot to Asia’ finally shifts into gear
16. Nakasone Now Sees Ransomware, Influence Ops As 'National Security' Threats - Breaking Defense
17. Hostage Diplomacy Is Back. It Require a Forceful Response.
18. What’s Next for the Quad?
19. Yesterday's outage made one thing clear – Facebook needs us a lot more than we need it

Korean News Content:

1. Seoul watches on as US corrals allies to counter China
2. S. Korea, U.S. pursue 'fully coordinated' N.Korea policy: foreign ministry
3. Two Koreas hold daily liaison, military calls after restoring communication lines
4. N. Korea waiting to hear U.S. commitment to 'action for action' approach: Andrew Kim
5. Kim Jong-un regime ‘disappointed’ with Joe Biden, former CIA North Korea chief says
6. South Korea to beef up missile detection capabilities against North Korea threats: JCS
7. Vice FM Choi calls for close USFK cooperation on base return
8. Only 44 pct of S. Koreans think unification with N.K. necessary: poll
9. Opinion | South Korea’s opposition tells Biden: Get tougher on North Korea
10. South to strengthen deterrence against North's threats
11. North Korean shot dead near the China-North Korea border last week
12. Singapore's Winson denies UN accusation it supplied oil to North Korea
13. Explained: North Korea's relentless advanced weapons programme
14. Reality Check: Sanctions Hurt North Koreans and Won’t Change Policy
15. The Battle at Lake Changjin (Chosin Reservoir)
16. Former CIA head in South Korea expects Moon and Kim to meet in coming months