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2/24/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 02/24/2023 - 8:23am

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National Security News Content:


2. This Is China’s 12-Point Blueprint for Bringing Peace to Ukraine

3. China Cease-Fire Proposal for Ukraine Falls Flat With US, Allies

4. Ukraine leader pledges push for victory on war anniversary

5. How Putin blundered into Ukraine — then doubled down

6. Disinformation Roulette: The Kremlin’s Year of Lies to Justify an Unjustifiable War

7. EXCLUSIVE: Seven Former NATO Supreme Allied Commanders Say U.S. ‘Must Do Everything We Can’ for a Ukrainian Victory

8. How the U.S. improvised a plan to deal with a Chinese balloon

9. Oral history: Leaders recall dismay, fury on first day of war in Ukraine

10. US vows to send more drones, aid to Ukraine on war’s anniversary

11.  Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Marking One Year Since Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

12. Give Ukraine What It Wants – Russia Shouldn’t Get to Veto Western Military Aid

13. Ukraine leader pledges push for victory on war anniversary

14. Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

15. As Russia’s Military Stumbles in Ukraine, Chinese Strategists Are Taking Notes

16. U.S. looks to expand Taiwan military training -sources

17. How the Air Force flew its longest-distance night hostage rescue

18. Tanks might not reach Ukraine this year, US Army secretary says

19. What Pentagon leaders say they have learned from a year of battle in Ukraine

20. A Report Card on the War in Ukraine

21. A year into Ukraine, looking back at 5 prewar predictions

Korean News Content:

1. 8th U.S.-ROK Deterrence Strategy Committee Table-Top Exercise – Joint Press Release

2. U.S., South Korea stage table-top nuclear drill focused on North Korea

3. N. Korea says it conducted 'strategic cruise missile' drills this week

4.  N. Korea warns continued 'U.S. hostility' will be considered 'declaration of war'

5. Why Is S.Korea's Discussion of Nuclear Armament so Confused?

6. Nuclear U.S. Aircraft Carrier to Arrive in Busan Next Month

7. S. Korea to offer $130 mln in additional aid to Ukraine: ministry

8. 'Strategic cruise missile' launches demonstrate nuclear 'war posture': North Korea

9. Kim Jong Un orders military to take lead in farmwork, reforestation efforts this year

10. North Korean parents will be punished if their children watch foreign media even once

11. Reflecting the DPRK’s economic difficulties, special gift for Kim Jong-il’s birthday amounts to just five hours of electricity… “Kids just got sweets to eat”

12. North Korean Cruise Missiles Fly in Figure-Eight Patterns as U.S., Allies Hold Exercises

13. N. Korean foreign exchange rates rise amid continued hopes for restart of trade in March

14. Understanding Kim Jong Un’s Economic Policymaking: Key Findings and Implications

15. Korea-U.S. cooperation key to overcoming 'polycrisis': Foreign Minister

16. [Editorial] Devise countermeasures for nuclear threats



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