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2/28/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 7:22am

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National Security News Content:

1. The Combating Terrorism Center Turns 20: Reflections from its Directors – Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
2. NEW: SIGAR's Collapse of the ANDSF Report
3. U.S. Commandos Advise Somalis in Fight Against Qaeda Branch
5. To ensure a short war in Ukraine, we must prepare for a long one
6. Saudi Arabia signs $400 million deal for Ukraine aid in historic visit
7. Tech’s hottest new job: AI whisperer. No coding required.
8. White House Says No Consensus on Covid Origin
9. What Was Putin Thinking? By Hal Brands
10. ‘Unmanned’ drones take too many humans to operate, says top Army aviator
12. What will ChatGPT mean for the US defense industrial base?
13. Yikes, the U.S. is Now Using Facial Recognition Rigged Drones for Special Ops
14. The Marine Corps is getting rid of Scout Snipers
15. Ex-CIA’s Petraeus Sees ‘Slow-balization’ From Geopolitic Shocks
16. China will target the US homeland in war over Taiwan, Army leader predicts
17. Opinion | A War With China Would Be Unlike Anything Americans Faced Before
18. What We Know and Don’t Know About the Origins of Covid
19. The Divided Diplomat - Ralph Bunche and the Contradictions of Liberal Order
20. The Reckoning That Wasn’t - Why America Remains Trapped by False Dreams of Hegemony By Andrew J. Bacevich
21. Pentagon to Reap Rewards From $53 Billion Chips Act
22. China’s latest balancing act in the war in Ukraine
23. Winning the Air Battle for Taiwan: Lessons from Ukraine’s Drone Operations

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Again Launches Two Different Nuclear-Capable Missiles: Significant?
2. Unification ministry launches advisory committee to help build unification policy vision
3. A nuclear South Korea and the Indo-Pacific
4. 4 ex-ministerial officials indicted over alleged involvement in N.K. deportation case
5. South Korea and NATO: Seoul’s Strategic Calculus
6. N. Korean leader calls for 'radical change' in agricultural output within few years
7. Crisis of Credibility: The Need to Strengthen U.S. Extended Deterrence in Asia
8. S. Korea, U.S., Japan hold first economic security dialogue session
9. S. Korea designates Aug. 13 on lunar calendar as Separated Families Day
10. ‘King dollar’ fear returns after U.S inflation figure
11. Allies plan expanded exercise for 'extended deterrence'
12. S. Korea, US making 'practical' progress in strengthening US extended deterrence: Amb. Cho
13. Kim Jong-un purges: why North Korea is such a dangerous place to be successful in politics
14. What three young N. Koreans think about their country’s controls on foreign culture
15. US has no hostile intent but N. Korea continues to provoke: state dept.
16. Is TikTok helping a North Korean propaganda account go mega-viral?
17. S. Hamgyong Province warns young people not to earn money outside of assigned workplaces



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