Small Wars Journal

10/23/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 10/23/2022 - 12:41pm

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National Security News Content:


2. CDS Daily brief (22.10.22) CDS comments on key events

3. COMMENTARY: NatSec Warnings Are Wearing Thin on Public Ears

4. China's Xi expands powers, promotes allies

5. Iran protests trigger solidarity rallies in US, Europe

6.  CNN Exclusive: After Ukraine, Biden administration turns to Musk's satellite internet for Iran

7. Starlink signals can be reverse-engineered to work like GPS—whether SpaceX likes it or not

8. Fears over Russian threat to Norway's energy infrastructure

9. Forgotten U-2 pilots helped end the Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years ago

10. "Frustrated and powerless": In fight with China for global influence, diplomacy is America’s biggest weakness

11. Follow up to "You’ve told us why the Voice, but you haven’t told us what it is"

12. Who's who: The seven most powerful men in China

13. Helium shortage: Doctors are worried that running out of the element could threaten MRIs

14. Putin Has a New Ukraine Problem: His Forces Can't Retreat?

15. Military think tank: Russia withdraws officers from Kherson

16. Biden’s Security Strategy Shows Foreign Policy As A Distraction – Analysis

17. The Words About Ukraine That Americans Need to Hear

18. The U.S. Military and Russian Military Are Talking Ukraine

19. OPINION: The IMF and the World Bank are hurting, not helping developing countries

20. When 'The Boys' Are Back In Town: A Special Ops Vet Explains Why Elite Units Train In US Cities

21. Unclear Data Could Hinder Special Opps

22. V-22 Osprey: The U.S. Military's Biggest Mistake?

23. Defecting Cuban pilot lands Soviet-era plane in the Everglades

​24. ​Hu Jintao’s Exit Was Mysterious. Xi Jinping’s Power Play Is Not.

25. How To Save the U.S. From A Second Civil War

Korean News Content:

1. N.Korean Leader Congratulates Xi's Reelection With Hopes for 'More Beautiful' Ties

2. North Korea’s Missile Activity: Japan’s Response

3. The Case for South Korea to Go Nuclear

4.  Air Force B-1B bombers just rolled up in Guam in a message to US adversaries

5. Lawmaker Kim Byung-joo, Democratic Party of Korea, Retired ROK Military 4 Star General, Criticizes Korea-U.S.-Japan Military Exercise

6. New logo of S. Korea's presidential office unveiled

7. Korea caught in the superpower squeeze

8. On the offense in defense exports

9. Travel expert shares what having a mobile phone is like in North Korea

10. US bombers likely to participate in combined exercise

11. Korea Times forum to examine new challenges for Korea-US alliance

12. Korea's debt-to-GDP ratio grows 2.5 times faster than advanced economies'

13. North Korea may carry out more than one nuclear test, experts say



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