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10/13/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 10/13/2022 - 9:24am

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National Security News Content:

1. FACT SHEET: The Biden-Harris Administration’s National Security Strategy | The White House

2. New National Security Strategy Returns Focus to Rules, Partnerships, and American Leadership


4. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (12.10.22) CDS comments on key events

5. Elon Musk blocked Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea over concern that Putin could use nuclear weapons, political analyst says

6. How Likely Is Nuclear War? Expert Explains Threat of Russia, North Korea

7. Biden security plan calls for diverse military, more nuclear spending

8. Freedom Caucus wants defense bill delayed if vaccine mandate not repealed

9. Russia pounds dozens of Ukraine towns, warns of escalation

10. United Nations condemns Russia's move to annex parts of Ukraine

11. Multi-domain task forces are growing, and shaping exercises overseas

12. Tracking China's preparations for war

13. US State Department says Iran nuclear deal 'not our focus right now'

14. The Logic of the Nuclear Triad

15. America’s arsenal is in need of life support

16.  Opinion | Our Generals Are Bad at Strategy. They Should Study the Civil Rights Movement.

17. Why U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Are Irreplaceable

18. Kremlin Talking Points Are Back in the U.S. Debate

19. Biden warns US faces ‘decisive decade’ in rivalry with China

20. Army Harnessing Non-Kinetic Effects for Multi-Domain Ops in Indo-Pacific

21. Change is in the Mission for U.S. Special Operations Command

22. Ukraine’s Path to Victory

23. How to Avoid a War Over Taiwan

Korean News Content:

1. FACT SHEET: The Biden-Harris Administration’s National Security Strategy | The White House

2. N. Korean leader inspects long-range cruise missile launches by 'tactical nuke' units

3. Yoon says he is looking carefully at extended deterrence options

4. The Guardian view on North Korea’s missile tests: growing risks, reduced response

5. U.S. officials met S. Korean battery makers in Seoul over IRA: sources

6.  ‘Denuke declaration should be scrapped if N. Korea pushes with nuclear testing’

7. Expert calls Kim Jong Un’s cater waiter outfit a sign of aggression

8. Kim Jong Un issues new nuclear warning as U.S. boosts deterrence in Korea

9. Yoon-Biden Relationship Is Key to Overcoming Problems in Alliance

10. North Korea’s Kim Guides Missile Test in Latest Show of Military Might

11. North's cruise missile tests fly under radar of sanctions

12. North Korea may have photoshopped aircraft into propaganda images

13. Seoul loses seat on UN Human Rights Council

14. N. Korean security agency’s surveillance research center renamed and expanded