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9/4/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 11:33am

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National Security News Content:

2. Don’t Believe the Generals
3. AUKUS and the Evolution of Special Operations for Great-Power Competition
4. Taiwanese tycoon to fund 'civilian warriors' to defend against invasion
5. US hanging fire on Australia’s nuclear subs
6. ATACMS: The Weapon Ukraine Could Hit Russia With from 186 Miles Away
7. China, Russia and Iran Are Slowly Ganging Up on the US
8. Big Question for the U.S. Military: Could They Battle China and Russia At the Same Time?
9. This Airborne unit will give longer weekends if troops avoid DUIs
10. Putin has already lost war with Ukraine -Ex-US Special Forces Officer 
11. What Is America's Goal for the Ukraine War? Answer: We Don't Have One
12. Ukraine Situation Report: HIMARS Gets The America's Got Talent Treatment
13. Ukraine’s Zelensky Rallies Europe Against Russia’s ‘Energy Attack’
14.  Putin Has a Problem: Kherson Offensive A 'Tactical Surprise' For Russia Military
15. Perspective | The U.S. is repeating its failed 1990s Afghanistan policies
16. I study America's youth. Here's what I found
17. Putin Has a Problem: Kherson Offensive A 'Tactical Surprise' For Russia Military
18. School Is for Everyone
19. Pentagon Research Center Quietly Contradicts Optimism of Defense Secretary Austin (AFRCOM)

Korean News Content:

1. How North Korean hackers keep the regime afloat
2. S. Korea offers unfettered access to THAAD base
3. Bring back the light aircraft carrier project (South Korea)
4. Korea braces for Hinnamnor, Busan in the path of the eye
5. Won's fall continues as Korea's options are few
6. A matter of economic alliance (ROK-US)
7. A cash cow for a century (ROK nuclear power overseas)
8. S. Korean government's YouTube channel hacked to broadcast crypto video
9. North Korea holds emergency wartime readiness drills for hospitals
10. New infections below 100,000 for 4th day; pre-departure PCR tests no longer needed | Yonhap News Agency
11. Inside South Korea’s Harsh Alternative to Conscription
12. <Local Interview>Is N. Korea’s “victory of COVID-19” legit? (3) As Kim Yo-jong’s claim that COVID-19 was imported by defectors whips up hatred against the South
13. What’s all the fuss about first lady? (South Korea)