Small Wars Journal

Rising Inequality in the United States: Armed Forces Implications and Governmental Policy Response

Rising levels of inequality, both internationally and domestically, represent a societal as well as, increasingly, a national security concern. A strong and robust middle class has long been considered an integral part of American society, required for both the functioning of its industrialized economy and armor and mechanized-infantry based armies as well as the stability of its liberal-democratic governmental system. This reality now seems imperiled with the U.S. middle class appearing to be shrinking before our eyes. This new Small Wars Journal pocket book by Pamela Ligouri Bunker and Robert J. Bunker discusses such rising inequality concerns, provides an overview related to globalized capitalism's domestic winners and losers, analyses criminal, plutocratic, and emergent authoritarian insurgency forms as well as the Fourth Epoch War theory construct, and then provides policy response recommendations for the U.S. government and armed forces. It is representative of the cutting edge Criminal and Plutocratic Insurgencies research and writing being produced by SWJ.

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