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U.S. Military Raid Freed Woman Held in Honduras

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 3:58pm

U.S. Military Raid Freed Woman Held in Honduras by Nancy A. Youssef - Wall Street Journal

A U.S. military operation rescued an American woman from unspecified danger in Honduras and she has been reunited with her family, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday.

The defense chief, speaking at a Pentagon news conference, declined to offer specifics about the operation or the circumstances that led to it, other than to say that the woman was a victim of violent crime.

Mr. Esper answered questions about the operations after President Trump on Sunday said at a news conference about coronavirus that a woman who had been “horribly treated” had been rescued by the U.S. military from a “certain area.” He didn’t offer any further details.

“We were able to get a young woman released from a certain area who was being horribly accosted, horribly treated,” the president said. “We went in and we got her out…. That was rough stuff.”

Defense officials said they wouldn’t provide any specifics about the military operation, including what units or equipment were used or how many U.S. troops were involved, citing the family’s request for privacy…

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