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New SWJ Pocket Book: Strongpoint Cyber Deterrence

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 1:53pm

New SWJ Pocket Book: Strongpoint Cyber Deterrence


Strongpoint Cyber Deterrence: Lessons from Cold War Deterrence Theory & Ballistic Missile Defense Applied to Cyberspace

A Small Wars Journal Pocket Book 

James J. Torrence

February 2020

220 Pages

This important U.S. strategic studies work seeks to develop a cyber deterrence strategy by drawing upon the hard-learned lessons of the past-specifically from Cold War deterrence theory and Cold War missile defense. Ultimately, a strongpoint defense is proposed along with a decentralized and further hardened critical infrastructure approach that continually exploits emergent innovation opportunities through investment in research.

-- Dave Dilegge Editor-in-Chief Small Wars Journal


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