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Mad Scientist Learning in 2050 Conference

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 11:01am

Mad Scientist Learning in 2050 Conference

8-9 August 2018
Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

This conference partners the U.S. Army TRADOC Mad Scientist Initiative with Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies to collaborate in researching emerging learning and knowledge capabilities.

Future learning techniques and technologies are critical to the Army's operations in the 21st century against adversaries in rapidly evolving battlespaces. The ability to effectively respond to a changing Operational Environment (OE) with fleeting windows of opportunity is paramount, and Leaders must act quickly to adjust to these evolving OEs and more advanced and lethal technologies. This conference will explore the following three questions:

  • How will emerging technologies improve learning or augment intelligence in professional military education, at home station, while deployed, and on the battlefield?
  • How can the Army accelerate learning to improve Soldier and unit agility in rapidly changing OEs?
  • What new skills will Soldiers and Leaders require to fight and win in 2050?

This event brings together individuals from across the Government, academia, and industry to explore the evolution of the OE through 2050.

Livestream link here.

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