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Mad Scientist Initiative: Visualizing Multi-Domain Battle 2030-2050

Mad Scientist Initiative: Visualizing Multi-Domain Battle 2030-2050

The U.S. Army is interested in your views on multi-domain battle, an emerging concept between the Army and Marines in concert with Joint Forces. The intent is to aid in maintaining American military dominance in the five domains - air, sea, land, cyberspace, and space - from 2030 through 2050.

The Mad Scientist Initiative enables a continuous dialogue between the Army, academia, policy institutions, and industry. The initiative uses crowd sourcing techniques, an online speaker series, and conferences co-hosted with the Nation’s premier academic institutions to better visualize the future.

Conference Information

The Georgetown event will focus on future multi-domain battle waged with near peer competitors and non-state actors. We will visualize to 2050 and look back to explore:

  • What are the attributes of multi-domain battle in 2050?
  • How will the roles of Leaders and Soldiers be different on this battlefield?
  • What are potential ethical dilemmas created by emerging technologies?
  • What are the most disruptive technologies on this battlefield; when will they be militarized to scale?
  • What effects do characteristics of a dense urban environment and “smart cities” have on military operations and objectives beyond the ground level?

Call for Papers

Topics of Interest:

  • Commanding in Multi-Domain Formations
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems
  • Biohacking
  • Hyper Connected Dense Urban Environment
  • Leaders and Their Artificial Intelligence
  • Ethical Dilemmas / Ethics
  • Character of War

Submitted papers must be unclassified, unpublished, and cleared by your public affairs office and operations security managers (USG& as applicable). There is a 5000 word count or less and 12 point font requirement.

Selected papers will be published in a military or academic journal and the top two authors will be invited to attend and speak at the conference.

Send submissions to Allison Winer

Mad Scientist Initiative: Visualizing Multi-Domain Battle 2030-2050

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