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Life in the Islamic State - Washington Post Five Part Series

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 3:06pm

Life in the Islamic State - Washington Post Five Part Series

The Islamic State‘s sophisticated propaganda portrays its occupied territory in Iraq and Syria as a “paradise.” But interviews with those who live under militant control suggest a far more grim reality. In this five-part project, The Washington Post's Kevin Sullivan reports on key aspects of daily life in the so-called “caliphate,” including the failing economy, the devastated education system, a justice system based on violence and fear, and the constant terror faced by women and girls.

This project includes five stories: 

Life in the 'Islamic State': Spoils for the Rulers, Terror for the Ruled - Overview

Till Martyrdom Do Us Part - Women in the 'Islamic State'

A Climate of Fear and Violence - Justice in the 'Islamic State'

Where the Poor Starve and the Tax Man Carries a Whip - Economy in the 'Islamic State'

For Boys, God and Guns; For Girls, God and Cooking - Education in the 'Islamic State'

These stories are part of an occasional series about the militant group Islamic State and its violent collision with the United States and others intent on halting the group’s rapid rise.