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Libya News Roundup # 2

Mon, 08/22/2011 - 4:17pm

Libya News Roundup Number 2:

More Clashes After Rebels Sweep Tripoli - NYT

Allies Guided Rebel Assault on Tripoli - WP

New Fighting Tempers Rebel Euphoria From Rush Into Capital - NYT

Libya Rebels Hold Most of Tripoli, Face Resistance - AP

US Says it Believes Gaddafi Still in Libya - WP

NATO Forces Still on Duty; UK Looks to End of Regime - LAT

Gaddafi Hunted as Loyalists Fight On in Tripoli - Reuters

Mystery of Qaddafi’s Whereabouts Looms Large in Endgame - NYT

World Urges Gadhafi to Surrender, Plans Future - AP

Tunisia Uncovers Gaddafi Embassy Bomb Plot -TT

Gaddafi Hunted as Loyalists Fight On in Tripoli - Reuters

ICC Briefed by Libyan Rebels - UPI

Bodies May Be Gaddafi Son and Libya Intel Chief - Reuters

UN Chief Urges Gadhafi Forces to Stop Fight - AP

Libya's Bizarre Leader Gadhafi Defiant to End - AP 

Gaddafi 'Could Flee to Venezuela' - TT

Obama Says Situation in Libya ‘Still Very Fluid’ - WP

Obama Says Future of Libyans Now in Own Hands - LAT

Obama: Qaddafi Regime 'Coming to an End' - FOX

Obama Still Opposes Putting US Troops in Libya - Reuters

Libya's $37 Billion Stays Frozen Over Legal Issues - Bloomberg

Investors Eye Promise, Pitfalls in Post-Gaddafi Libya - Reuters

ENI Leads Libya Oil Race; Russia, China May Lose Out - Reuters

International Allies on Libya to Meet Thursday - Reuters

Experts: United Libyan Govt Won't Happen Overnight - USAT

Analysis: Gaddafi Collapse Will Embolden Arab Rebels - Reuters

Analysis: Could Libya Split Along Tribal Lines? - CNN

Lesson of Libya: Limited Intervention Can Work - WP opinion

Does Libya Need Blue Helmets? - CNN opinion