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Irregular Warfare Initiative Launches New Website

Sat, 03/11/2023 - 9:21am

Congratulations to the Irregular Warfare Institute.

Access the new IWI website HERE. 


Bridging the gap between scholars, practitioners, and
policymakers to support the community of irregular warfare professionals

Irregular Warfare Initiative Launches New Website

The Irregular Warfare Initiative (IWI) is extremely proud to announce the launch of its new website which will serve as the rally point for professional discourse between scholars, policymakers, and practitioners on contemporary irregular warfare challenges. The website offers you access to original articles, fascinating podcasts with insightful guests, virtual and in-person events, and other resources to help illuminate this complex form of conflict. All IWI content is generated by members from the IW community — like you. 

Demand for IWI content has only increased over the past three years since our first podcast released. The new website is one part of a plan to grow IWI as a platform to meet this increased demand and to continue providing valuable resources to the IW professional community. We hope you enjoy the new website, and encourage you to continue helping us build this community. There are many ways to support: submitting an article, joining the team as a volunteer, planning an event in partnership with IWI, donating (even small contributions help!) or making a purchase from the IWI store, or simply continuing to follow IWI content and sharing it with other irregular warfare professionals in your network. 

On behalf of the more than 50 volunteers who have worked incredibly hard to make this new website and the content it supports possible, we thank you for your continued support and engagement.

Doug Livermore & Charles Faint
IWI Communications