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Immediate Crisis with Iran Abates, but Potential for Conflict Persists

Immediate Crisis with Iran Abates, but Potential for Conflict Persists by John Hudson and Anne Gearan – Washington Post

President Trump sought to lower tensions with Iran on Saturday, extending an olive branch to “start all over” with nuclear talks and even thanking Tehran for its “wise” decision not to shoot down a U.S. military plane with personnel on board.

Trump’s refusal to move forward Thursday with a military strike for the downing of a drone in the Persian Gulf averted a potentially devastating new crisis in the Middle East as Iran and its proxy forces stood ready to retaliate against U.S. targets across the region.

But while the specter of an imminent attack has faded, the prospect for renewed conflict remains as the underlying problems between the two countries continue to fester…

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Let me ask this question again:

It has been said, I believe, that our most recent war with Iraq was one of the greatest strategic mistakes the United States has ever made.

One of the reasons given for this such claim was that our such war with Iraq undermined the balance of power that had existed -- prior to this event -- between Iraq and Iran.

If we go to war with Iran today, will this:

a.  Likewise be considered one of the greatest strategic mistakes that the U.S. has ever made?  (Why?) Or, from a "balance of power" perspective,   

b.  Might a war and defeat of Iran be seen as a way of RECTIFYING our previous "war with Iraq/destroy the balance of power" gross strategic mistake? 

(Herein:  By going to war with and defeating Iran, we bring a defeated Iran down to the level of the defeated Iraq and -- thus and thereby -- CORRECT the horrendous "war with Iraq/destroy the balance of power" strategic mistake that we made in 2003?)