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Grief Turns to Anger Over Kabul Suicide Attack

Grief Turns to Anger Over Kabul Suicide Attack by Emal Haiday – Agence France-Presse

Kabul (AFP) - Hundreds of grieving Afghans buried their loved ones in Kabul on Monday amid growing anger over a suicide attack on a voter registration centre that killed 57 people including children and wounded over 100.

The bomber blew himself up on Sunday morning in a large crowd queueing to collect national ID certificates so they could register to vote in long-delayed legislative elections scheduled for October.

The blast, which was claimed by the Islamic State group, caused carnage in the street in the heavily Shiite-populated western neighbourhood…

Anguish quickly turned to anger on social media as Afghans blamed the Kabul government for failing to protect its people -- a constant refrain after such attacks.

"They (the government) arrests them and then releases them to kill innocent people," Ahmad Ahmadi wrote on Facebook…

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