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In Golan Heights, Israel Intercepts Rockets From Syria

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 6:57am

In Golan Heights, Israel Intercepts Rockets From Syria by Felicia Schwartz – Wall Street Journal

Israel’s military said four rockets were fired from Syria toward the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights early Tuesday, ratcheting up tensions in Israel’s north just days after a shaky cease-fire ended fighting with Iran-backed militants in Gaza that had raised concerns of a wider conflict in the country’s south.

The rockets were intercepted by Israel’s air-defense systems and caused no harm to Israeli communities, Israel’s military said.

For more than a year, Israel has conducted an air campaign in Syria that it has recently expanded into Iraq and Lebanon. It is aimed at stopping what Israel says are Iranian efforts to entrench itself militarily and move weapons to allied groups in the region. Israel has alleged Iran maintains military bases in Syria and Israeli officials have recently warned that Tehran is planning to launch attacks against it from Syria. Iran says its military presence in Syria is part of what it describes as an axis of resistance against Israel, and is meant to deter attacks on Iran…

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