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Attacks on DOD Networks Soar As Telework Inflicts ‘Unprecedented’ Loads

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 8:17am

Attacks on DOD Networks Soar As Telework Inflicts ‘Unprecedented’ Loads by Kevin Baron – Defense One

Cyber attacks on Defense Department networks increased over the weekend as teleworking employees put “unprecedented” loads on the military’s computer networks. 

“They’re already taking advantage of the situation and the environment that we have on hand,” Essye Miller, DOD’s principal deputy chief information officer, told department employees at a Monday morning “virtual town hall.

To protect Defense Department networks, the Pentagon is barring users from accessing YouTube and other streaming services. It’s one of several concerns officials expressed about rapidly moving the federal government’s largest agency toward “maximized telework.” 

“Given the increased telework demand, we’ve seen a tremendous increase on the network, unprecedented demand just over the last weekend or so,” Miler said. “As such, we’re taking actions of shutting down YouTube, effective tonight. We will start throttling [back] streaming services today. We’re seeing increased use on things like Pandora and other streaming music services. We ask if use of these services are not mission-essential that you refrain from using them on the DOD network.”…

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