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Afghanistan. Urgent: What you can do. - Spirit of America

Tue, 08/17/2021 - 7:18am

The tragic situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking—one that all of us Americans, regardless of our political stripes and our views on the two-decade-long conflict, can unite behind. Our Spirit of America team is committed to doing what we can to help those Afghans who worked with and supported our troops, and embraced the promise of a free and better life.

Today we are launching an Afghanistan Emergency Fund to assist Afghan families that will soon be transitioning to the United States. We are asking our supporters to contribute what they can so that we can create a rapid response fund of $500,000 to immediately meet the most urgent needs.

Families rush to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan in a desperate attempt to evacuate the capital. (REUTERS/Stringer)
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As always, 100% will go to the assistance that is needed, and, if these funds are not needed to help the Afghans being evacuated, we will offer to refund them to you.

Our initial focus is on helping those Afghans, including interpreters and their families, being evacuated by the United States to temporary locations outside Afghanistan. A Spirit of America regional director is in the Middle East now, side-by-side with our US military partners to assess the situation and provide humanitarian aid in real-time.

It is as dynamic and complex a situation as it is heartbreaking. Yet, we are more committed than ever to doing the right thing by our Afghan partners and demonstrating the best of America, even during these trying times.

Thank you,
Jim Hake