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9/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 09/08/2023 - 8:50am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 7, 2023
2. Colonel Larry Ruggley was retired from the U.S. Army
3. LSE IDEAS announces the passing of Director, Professor Christopher Coker
4. Musk shut off Starlink to prevent Ukraine attack on Russian ships, report says
5. What next for Russia’s Wagner mercenaries?
6. Scoop: China hawk Kurt Campbell is leading candidate for deputy at State
7. Tip of the Spear - August 2023 (USSOCOM) | SOF News
8. NATO has no indication of intentional Russian attack on Romania
9. What $50 Million Can Buy: Inside the Sleek New White House Situation Room
10. Digital threats from East Asia increase in breadth and effectiveness
11. Marines draw inspiration from drug runners for unmanned resupply boat
12. Drone Strikes Rock Russian City That Is Home to Key Military Base
13. Pentagon expects to release its annual China report in mid-October
14. 5 Things to Watch as Biden Heads for G20 Summit
15. Apple Becomes the Biggest U.S.-China Pawn Yet
16. The inside story of how the Navy spent billions on the 'Little Crappy Ship'
17. EXPLAINED: The US Intelligence Counteroffensive Assessment That Has Everyone Talking
18. US raises alarm as Chinese platform corners market on global shipping logistics
19. The new Marine infantry battalion is slimmer, saltier and more techy
20. After Criticism from Its Top Commander, Space Force Adopts New Mission Statement
21. US, Australia should use civil aid, not military, to woo Pacific Island states from China: Wargame
22. Why Our Generals Don't Win By Gary Anderson
23. CNN Exclusive: ‘How am I in this war?’: New Musk biography offers fresh details about the billionaire’s Ukraine dilemma
24. The China Model Is Dead
25. Tuberville Military Blockade Muddles New Nuclear Oversight (1)
26. China Prefers Guns to Butter
27. Xi Prepares to Eat Economic Bitterness
28. I was Ukraine’s defence minister. Here’s my message for our allies: we must not lose sight of victory
29. Towards a Policy Framework for Addressing Violent Conspiracy Theory Movements

Korean News Content:

1. If Kim Jong Un Travels to Russia is a New Arms Deal in the Works?
2. Time to Destroy North Korea’s Revenue Generation
3. Biden’s ‘Spirit of Camp David’ is a mere specter of alliance
4. Proposed Naval Drills Signal Closer Military Cooperation Among Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang
5. John Batchelor Show: #NorthKorea: Moscow romances Kim
6. Russia and China's Courtship of North Korea Is Disastrous for the US
7. How one activist helps North Koreans grow their own food – Ep. 303
8. Kim Jong Un's possible trip to Russia could be like his 2019 journey: 20 hours on his armored train
9. A Renewed Axis: Growing Military Cooperation Between North Korea and Russia - Beyond Parallel
10. North Korea publicly executes 9 people for running beef smuggling ring
11. N. Korea unveils new 'tactical nuclear attack submarine'
12. Great Event Heralding Arrival of New Era, Turning Point in Bolstering up Juche-based Naval Force Ceremony of Launching Newly-built Submarine Held with Splendor in Presence of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un
13. S. Korea, U.S. to hold talks on extended deterrence next week
14. North Korea: Kim Jong Un reveals 'nuclear attack submarine'
15. Tipping Culture Comes to South Korea, and Backlash Is Fierce. ‘Wait, Is This America?’
16. After Camp David, bring S Korea into the Quad
17. N. Korea bolsters special police unit to guard against anti-state activities
18. [ANALYSIS] Concerns of Korea getting dragged into war in Taiwan are inflated