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9/8/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/08/2022 - 10:17am

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National Security News Content:

1. How North Korea Taught Iran to Entrap and Threaten Israel


3. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (07.09.22) CDS comments on key events

4. On Resistance: A Primer for Further Research

5. Ukraine leader says his forces recapture towns and villages in big eastern push

6. Millions in China's Chengdu thrown into extended COVID lockdown

7. China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Bind: No Easy Way Out Despite the Cost

8. The real meaning of a striking new letter from former military officials

9. How Beijing Benefits From a New Iran Deal

10. Opinion | Waging Psychological War Against Russia

11. FDD | Israel Thwarts Terror Plots in West Bank, Yet Threats Continue

12. U.N. nuclear watchdog has "serious concern" about North Korea

13. Russia’s Ukraine Setbacks (OpEd)

14. US condemns ‘unprecedented’ Iranian cyberattack against Albania

15. Ukraine launches second counteroffensive in northeast

16. The U.S. Army Has a Fentanyl Problem (Thanks to Mexico and China)

17. ‘These Kids Are Dying’ — Inside the Overdose Crisis Sweeping Fort Bragg

18. Russia claims a 'hybrid war' has been declared against Moscow by 'malicious' adversaries

19. Not So Fast: Insights from a 1944 War Plan Help Explain Why Invading Taiwan Is a Costly Gamble

20. Escaping the Cave: An Analysis of Russian and American Strategic Cultures Influence on War, Peace, and the Realm In Between

21. Ukraine Holds the Future

22. $2.8 Billion in Additional U.S. Military Assistance for Ukraine and Its Neighbors

23. A new Alex Jones trial is expected to probe the finances of his misinformation empire

24. What have the AUKUS partners spent the last year doing?

25. Will Xi Jinping Continue to Rule China?

Korean News Content:

1. Explainer: What weapons could North Korea send to Russia?

2. Russia Is Taking A Big Risk Purchasing Rockets and Artillery Shells From North Korea

3. Unification minister proposes talks with N. Korea on separated families

4. Restart of large-scale military drills reinvigorates anti-war protesters in South Korea

5. N. Korea holds key parliamentary meeting without leader Kim

6. S. Korea, U.S. to resume key high-level deterrence talks next week

7.  North Korea's Parliament meets in effort to build 'socialist fairyland'

8. Why Would Russia Buy North Korean Weapons?

9. DMZ comedy ‘6/45’ a cause to cry for Korea

10. Energy crisis looms in Korea as it's utilities vs. consumers (the South)

11. Seoul has ‘no plans’ to deploy China opposed US THAAD missiles, hopes for Xi Jinping-Yoon Suk-yeol summit

12. Yoon to meet with U.S. Vice President Harris in Seoul on Sept. 29

13. The United States must change EV law

14. Over 30 million hit the road for Chuseok in Korea

15. US offers special training program on dealing with N. Korean malware

16. 'Inflation Reduction Act is in clear violation of KORUS FTA'