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9/7/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/07/2023 - 4:20pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 6, 2023
2. Special Operations General Officer Nominations | SOF News
3. Analysis | Famed hacker and Twitter whistleblower Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko is joining the Biden administration
4. Analysis | The G-20 summit is a huge global branding exercise for Modi’s India
5. Pentagon Plans Vast AI Fleet to Counter China Threat
6. New Pentagon Drone Program Needs to Avoid ‘Replicating’ Past Mistakes
7. Inside Ukraine’s assassination programme
8. China Slowdown Means It May Never Overtake US Economy, Forecast Shows
9. Analysis: Xi reprimanded by elders at Beidaihe over direction of nation
10. Was Xi Jinping actually reprimanded by retired Party leaders?
11. US Army scraps Abrams tank upgrade, unveils new modernization plan
12. Felony convictions vacated for 4 Navy officers in ‘Fat Leonard’ case
13. US to send depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine
14. Opinion | China’s Military Is Going Global
15. A Backdoor Call to Arms: Foreign Fighters in National Defense
16. In Southeast Asia, U.S.-China Competition Is More than a Two-Player Game
17. ‘A Desperate Move’ – Kremlin Under Fire Over Russia’s Ammo Situation
18. Xi’s Policies Have Shortened the Fuse on China’s Economic Time Bomb
19. U.S. Deterrence Against China Is Not Working
20. America’s Digital Achilles’ Heel
21. Putin Grows More Paranoid of Potential Threats to Power
22. With His Nuclear Threats, Putin Plays the West Like a Fiddle
23. Our Modern-Day Mackinder (Robert Kaplan)
24. Revisiting the Hedge Strategy with Renewed Urgency
25. Ukraine’s Strikes Behind Enemy Lines Are Paying Off
26. Cyberwar and Conventional Warfare in Ukraine
27. Japanese, U.S., the Philippines Drill in the South China Sea; China Contests U.S. Position on Territorial Disputes
28. Biden’s stance on Ukraine should be clear
29. Opinion | Inside the saga of the State Department’s missing Iran envoy

Korean News Content:

1. US scorns Putin's possible turn toward North Korea
2. N. Korea will face 'repercussions' if it provides weapons to Russia: Kirby
3. Chinese delegation to visit N. Korea for celebrations of founding anniv.
4. N. Korean leader may choose unexpected route for upcoming meeting with Putin: NIS
5. Why the North Korea-Russia alliance is worrying America
6. US considering long-range fires for Ukraine, State Dept. official says
7. Navy warship to help reenact Korean War’s pivotal amphibious assault on Incheon
8. ‘US Navy group heading for Yellow Sea in biggest show of strength near eastern China in 10 years
9. A Desperate Move’ – Kremlin Under Fire Over Russia’s Ammo Situation                                                                                                         
10. North Korea, the original Hermit Kingdom, slowly reopens after covid
11. North Korea Finds New Leverage in the Ukraine War
12. Yoon says N. Korea's nuclear program is existential threat to Indo-Pacific
13. Why China, Russia, and North Korea Joining Forces in the Indo-Pacific Isn’t a Prelude to War
14. N. Korea moves to accelerate production of automatic rifle ammunition
15. There is no ‘nuclear peace’ on the Korean Peninsula
16. Kim Jong-un's Arms Deals with Putin Must Be Stopped
17.  N. Korea’s defense ministry criticizes military units that failed to collect enough salt
18. North's mid-air detonation tests suggest will to kill
19. South Korea’s Political Bifurcation Will Stifle Any Trilateral Agreement