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9/5/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 09/05/2022 - 12:05pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine:  CDS Daily brief (04.09.22) CDS comments on key events

2. As Russian Oil Exports Rise, Governments and Shipping Companies Play Cat-and-Mouse

3. Next Wave of Nuclear-Power Plants Sees New Life in Climate Bill

4. Cambodia’s Ream naval base attracts competing patrons 

5. Army general declares Americans too fat or criminal to fight in rebuke of service leaders

6. Japan doubles down in defense of post-war order

7. 50 years ago, the Munich Olympics massacre changed how we think about terrorism

8. Military reserves, civil defense worry Taiwan as China looms

9. A Slowing China Helps Rein In Inflation Around the World

10. Read H. P. Lovecraft to Understand War

11. Atreides of Harkonnen? A Literary Corollary for Self-Awareness and Host Nation Perception in Small Wars

12. OPEC+ cuts oil supplies to the world as prices fall 

13. Gorbachev Did Save One Communist Party — China’s

14. Ukrainian Forces Recapture Two Towns in the South

15. Liz Truss: The UK’s New Prime Minister and the Indo-Pacific

16. Time to Rethink America’s Nuclear Strategy

17. China seeks 'naval outpost' in Nicaragua to threaten US, Taiwan warns

18. Opposite Sides of the COIN: Understanding Unlikely Insurgent Successes and Failures

19. Why China is fuming over NASA’s Artemis program

20. From China to Mexico to NYC: How fentanyl became ‘a weapon of mass destruction’ in the US

21. How the West is racing to stop Ukraine's guns falling silent

22. New “gang of four” in Taiwan challenges China

23. Wife leaked intel about her husband's military unit to Russia, who then bombed it, says Ukraine's secret service

24. ‘A white nationalist pyramid scheme’: how Patriot Front recruits young members

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea noncommittal about S. Korea's bid for prior notice on border dam discharge 

2. N. Korea suffers sharp declines in growth, trade amid pandemic, border controls: BOK report

3. Statue to be built for US Korean War vet

4. South Korea's population to shrink to 38 million by 2070 amid rising world population

5. U.S. attack helicopter manufacturer proposes technology transfer to DAPA

6. Challenges created by the IRA (ROK and US)

7. S. Korea's new COVID-19 cases hit lowest for Monday in 6 weeks as virus slows 

8. Get a grip on North Korea first before mocking South

9. South Korea, Japan to hold senior-level defense talks this week for 1st time in 6 years

10. Danuri succeeds in key trajectory maneuver (ROK in Space)

11. Court decision is pushed back. What can Seoul do to resolve forced labor issue with Tokyo?

12. 4 of 5 chip experts say Korea faces 'worst crisis' in decade

13. Defector group says COVID-19 pain relievers, masks sent to N. Korea

14. [Exclusive] Fred and Cindy Warmbier to meet with brother of South Korean official killed by North Korean troops

15. N. Korea appears worried that rising COVID-19 cases in China could reintroduce virus into the country

16. The North Korean defectors who became YouTube stars



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