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9/30/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 09/30/2022 - 4:51pm

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (29.09.22) CDS comments on key events 

3. Pentagon working to form new command to coordinate arming and training Ukraine

4. Putin Frames Illegal Annexation as Part of Existential Battle With West

5. US Navy sailor charged with setting fire to the USS Bonhomme Richard found not guilty

6.  America's Four-Star Problem

7. Putin’s Roulette

8. DOJ: Major in the United States Army and a Maryland Doctor Facing Federal Indictment for Allegedly Providing Confidential Health Information to a Purported Russian Representative to Assist Russia Related to the Conflict In Ukraine

9. Johns Hopkins doctor and spouse, an Army doctor, indicted for trying to leak medical information to Russia

10. Taiwan, And The World, Needs To Worry About the Western Disinterest In Protecting It

11. Norway's defense minister on how NATO expansion will, and won't, impact defense plans

12. Palantir to empower US DoD units with key AI/ML capabilities

13. The Tech Site That Took On China’s Surveillance State

14. Guarding the Pacific: How Washington can Counter China in the Solomons and Beyond

15. Ukraine Submits Application to join NATO, With Big Hurdles Ahead

16. How disinformation shut down US special operators

17. AUKUS Is Not the New Asian NATO, nor Even a Start at One

18. Afghan Resistance Leaders See ‘No Option’ but War

19. Russian hackers' lack of success against Ukraine shows that strong cyber defences work, says cybersecurity chief

Korean News Content:

1. Readout of Vice President Harris’s Meeting with President Yoon of the Republic of Korea

2. U.S. Vice President Pays Flying Visit to Korea

3. Visit confirms the solid alliance

4. Yoon rejects motion to dismiss foreign minister

5. Trilateral anti-submarine drills

6. U.S. urges global efforts to improve human rights conditions in N. Korea

7. North Korean Workers Officially Dispatched to China & Russia: Human Rights Denial, Chain of Command & Control

8. Korea's Marine Corps to join Exercise KAMANDAG in Philippines for 1st time

9. President’s overseas trip was not ‘diplomatic disaster,’ political strife should end: foreign minister

10. South Korea, US, Japan hold consecutive calls, strongly condemn NK missile launches

11. No PCR tests for inbound travelers to S. Korea from Saturday

12.  U.S. reaffirms commitment to defense of S. Korea after N. Korean missile launch

13. The Power of Information: Telling Three Stories to the North Korean People

14. S. Korea mulls tightening sanctions against possible N.K. nuclear test