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9/26/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 09/26/2022 - 7:34pm

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (25.09.22) CDS comments on key events

3. China Could Decide Now Is the Time for War with America (book review)

4. China becomes ‘hothouse’ of intrigue ahead of crucial Communist party congress

5. Here's how rumours of Xi Jinping's 'arrest' and 'coup' started

6.  Battlefield Hotlines Let U.S. Military Keep Ukraine’s Weapons Firing

7. The People's Liberation Army Conference: History, Highlights, and the Challenges Ahead

8. Big Tech Has No Constitutional Right to Censor

9. Musk says he's 'activating Starlink' in Iran as government shuts down internet

10. Putin May Have Decided To Mobilize To Avoid Threats From The Rise Of Private Military Companies – OpEd

11. Two Renovated Museums Offer a Peek at Spy Secrets — at Least for Some

12. Inside the Ukrainian Counterstrike That Turned the Tide of the War

13. Full transcript: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on "Face the Nation," Sept. 25, 2022

14. The End of Senior Politics in China

15. What Marcos Jr promised to America

16. What do Americans care about? Not a cold war

17. China’s state media turning on Putin’s war

18. Army's military adviser brigades see increased demand in Indo-Pacific, Europe

19. Hiding in the Noise: Preparing the Irregular Warfare Community for the Age of AI

20. Time, Space, and Material: Metrics for Assessing Irregular Warfare

21. Marcos is no silver bullet for the US–Philippines alliance

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. rights activist urges efforts to send outside information to N. Korea

2. N. Korea claims Korean Peninsula faces 'vicious cycle' of confrontation due to U.S. hostility

3. N. Korea in period of provocation but U.S. prepared for dialogue: State Dept.

4. Yoon says alliance with U.S. damaged by untrue reports of remarks caught on hot mic

5. Ruling party lawmakers to take legal measures against MBC TV over Yoon's hot mic report

6. Kim Jong Un: ‘Hope to discuss denuclearization with Pres. Trump’

7. Hanwha eyes major boost in defense, green energy drive with envisioned Daewoo Shipbuilding takeover

8. Pyongyang’s ballistic missile firing likely to be followed by SLBM launches

9. Leaders of S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm commitment to resolve EV tax credit issue: ambassador

10. Freight trains resume between North Korea and China

11. First joint Korea-U.S. naval exercise in five years begins

12. N. Korea holds politburo session on agriculture without leader Kim's attendance