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9/25/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 09/25/2023 - 12:30pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 24, 2023
2. Special Operations News - September 25, 2023 | SOF News
3. France to Withdraw Troops From Niger After Military Coup
4. Blasting Bullhorns and Water Cannons, Chinese Ships Wall Off the Sea
5. Philippines to remove barrier placed by China in South China Sea - national security advisor
6. Poland’s spat with Ukraine angered many in Europe, and was a gift for Putin
7. U.S. Shared Intelligence With Canada After Alleged Assassination of Sikh Separatist
8. Finland Raced to Join NATO. What Happens Next Is Complicated.
9.  Analysis | ‘This is not just Putin’s war’: How Finland’s top diplomat sees Ukraine
10. Welcome to Cyber Realism: Parsing the 2023 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy
11. One Team, One Fight? Integration versus Assimilation and the Problem of Othering
12. China’s Economic Turmoil Was Inevitable
13. It’s Time for the West to Embrace Ukraine’s Way of War, Not Doubt It
14.  ‘I am willing to wait for months’: Chinese Tiananmen critic ready for long haul in Taiwan transit lounge
15.  Do We Stand At a 'Tipping Point' in Global Security?
16. Putin Has a Problem: Ukraine Wants Every 'Square Inch' of Territory Back from Russia
17. The Rise and Fall of China’s Wolf Warrior Diplomacy
18. World War III: Could China 'Annihilate' U.S. Military Bases in a War?

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. slams Yoon's warning against Pyongyang-Moscow military cooperation as 'hysterical remarks'
2. [EXCLUSIVE] Lawmakers to submit resolution urging China to free N. Korean escapees
3. S. Korea, U.S. stage joint naval drills in East Sea amid N.K. threats
4. Defense minister nominee calls for scrapping inter-Korean military accord
5. Seoul prepares for first major military parade in ten years
6. Five lessons from the Kim-Putin summit
7. Over half of Koreans want continuous strengthening of alliance with US: poll
8. Trilateral talks open on Korea-Japan-China meeting
9. South Korea’s maverick president isn’t the only political threat to Northeast Asian trilateralism
10. North Korea calls Yoon an idiot as S Korea deepens ties with US
11. N. Korea’s national police agency orders intensified surveillance over returnees from abroad
12. The Dear Leader and the gnome