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9/2/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/02/2023 - 12:09pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 1, 2023
2. Analysis: The Beginning of the End of Putin in Crimea
3. Russian ‘hybrid’ war threatens NATO’s eastern flank, Poles warn
4. Opinion | American Power Just Took a Big Hit
5. Three Years After Chinese Communist Crackdown, Hong Kong Continues To Suffer – OpEd
6. ‘Defending democracy’ a losing strategy against authoritarian narratives
7. US ‘counter-disinformation’ efforts need updating
8. As Taiwan's government races to counter China, most people aren't worried about war
9. Attack on Taiwan will bring "resolute reaction" - US
10. Last Gasp of the Neoconservatives
11. Russia is losing in Ukraine but winning in Georgia
12.  Game of Drones: The dangerous rise of military and surveillance warcraft
13. How China Will Take Taiwan
14. Planning for the Next War Must Be a Mixture of Art & Science
15. English Classes For Resettled Afghan Women In Charlotte
16. It Costs Just $400 to Build an AI Disinformation Machine
17. Top Russian Rocket Scientist Dies of Mushroom Poisoning Weeks After Moscow’s Failed Moon Landing
18. With wary eye on China, U.S. moves closer to former foe Vietnam
19. World War II special operations veteran receives Special Forces tab
20. The global human rights regime has collapsed
21. In New Moon Race, Russian Crash Shows the Only U.S. Rival Is China
22. A Brutal Path Forward, Village by Village
23. The Joint Force Needs a Counter-SOF Strategy
24. Biden’s Destiny Is Linked to Ukraine’s
25. U.S. Arms Makers Look Overseas to Boost Stockpiles

Korean News Content:

1. “SELL ME: I Am From North Korea” Washington, D.C. Premiere
2. The North Korea - Russia Alliance Is a Dangerous Threat
3. URGENT: Xi Jinping Has Started Repatriating North Korean Refugees
4. N. Korea fires several cruise missiles into Yellow Sea: JCS
5. NSC convenes emergency meeting after N. Korea's missile launch (ROK)
6. China’s Misinformation Fuels Anger Over Fukushima Water Release
7. The Korean War Continues With Biden’s Renewal Of Travel Ban To North Korea – OpEd
8. Negative Security Assurance and Nuclear Diplomacy: Implications for the Complete Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
9. Yoon invites Korean atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima for Chuseok
10. Pres. Yoon: Communist forces incite anti-Japanese sentiment
11. N. Korean Hackers Create Phishing Site to Steal Info of Defectors, Activists
12. Growing crisis in North Korea induced by food shortage
13. The UN Security Council’s First North Korean Human Rights Session since 2017
14.  [WHY] Will the Korean military ever draft women?
15. Economic vision of a unified Korean Peninsula: Starting by forming a consensus
16. U.S. Arms Makers Look Overseas to Boost Stockpiles